Working on pictures

I bought a pair of antlers, got a fun Santa hat, and even a cute elf-ish collar...and what did I use with the buns this weekend? None of them, not even one... oh well, I guess there is a few more days before Christmas, and I've been late before.  Stubborn, I think that is the true meaning of the word 'bunny'... Anyway, I did some cute pictures of black bunny attitude to share.

Bella in her favorite spot

Ferd, at the other end of the box

Otter, giving me what are you thinking look...

My Seal, out and about being so seeming sweet.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


Jade said…
Bunnehs know when you want to dress them up and will perform the tactical maneuvers necessary to avoid potential embarrassment on their part. You may have to resort to some extreme bribery to achieve cooperation.
Lisa said…
Sweet black bunnies :)
Michelle May said…
Yeah...what Jade said. I normally have a hard time commenting after her as she just cracks me up!!!
All Ears said…
Extreme Bribery, like Jade said, if often what it takes! LOL.
Mary Ellen
Rabbit Slippers Blog
such cute black bunnies! Amnd stubborn is generally the word...

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