Smudge-3 Mom-0

I just have to say it's very difficult to give a 13lb Californian bunny boy oral meds when he does not want to take them. Smudge is doing well, he is still very active and full of attitude. When it comes to giving him his reglan, well, it's just not a job I like doing. I get some in him, some on his dewlap, and a lot of me. I never knew how much liquid a bunny could hold in his mouth... but as my hubby said, I wear it well.. haha!

Smudgie started eatting decently on his own today, finally. There is even a decent pile of pooties in the litterbox. It helped my bunspace order came in, willow leaves seems to be the food of choice.  I hope it continues, and not just for my pant's sake.

Sleepy Smudge Love, another older picture. I just love his eyes.


d. moll, said…
yay for 13 pound CaliBuns, our Amelia is just 9 pounds and she is strong, so I can imagine the power of his royal Smudgeness <3
Jade said…
If they could only come up with kale-flavored meds--or perhaps willow-flavored meds for Smudge--there'd be a lot less need for bunneh wrasslin' when they are ill.
The Fab Furs said…
I didn't realize Smudge was so large. He wears it as well as you wear the medicine he "shares" with you. Glad to hear he is doing better.
Glad Smudge is doing well!

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