Smudgy update

Thank you everyone for the well wishes! My baby boy is staying the night at the vets. The vet gave him a shot of reglan, but his output still isn't what it should be so they are going to keep him and give another shot tonight and again in the morning. If the shots don't set things back in motion, the vet is going to put him under slightly to check his teeth and do lab work. Then we'll go from there.

In the good news department, the vet commented that Smudge was very strong. He is refusing to help out with any of his care, refusing to open his mouth for feeding (he's chewing the syringe) and struggling when they try to clean him up. haha! At least my boy knows how to have a good time. (not!)

So the saga continues. Stay tuned.


Jade said…
Smudge is a fighter, that's always a good sign. We'll keep thinking good thoughts for him.
The Fab Furs said…
Really, Smudge, a night at the vet's? Your idea of a good time is certainly strange. Learn from the experience and get better so you can get sprung!

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