His Smudgeness

Just a quick update, Smudge is home. The vet gave me an option to let him spend another night there or bring him home. She found a couple of sharp spurs on his right bottom molars, although she said it didn't appear to cause any trouble to his tongue. Smudge is not impressed, he thumped me good on the way home and is still refusing most food. He will get more reglan in the morning, and some critical care if he doesn't eat more overnight. For the duration, we are on pootie watching patrol... what fun..

On the up side, the vet called Smudge "cantankerous" several times on the phone! haha!  My boy is still my boy :)


d. moll, l.ac. said…
still feisty, way to thump big boy
Jade said…
We'll keep thinking good thoughts for more eating and less thumping, with lots of fiestiness to spare.
Anonymous said…
Hope you get to feeling better soon, Smudge!

Nico, Piper, & Tokki
Lisa said…
Oh jeez, I feel like I always miss a lot when I'm away from the blogs! I am so glad Smudge is seeming to feel better but also very sorry to hear he's had a rough time. We will keep sending good vibes for him to return to normal.

Funny, my vet always comments on Biff's "personality" (translate: attitude)! lol!
Lisa said…
She also said the cranky ones live forever, and so much spirit in a bun means you don't have to worry much ;)

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