Tangled September's Giveaway

Gracious, this month is getting away from me. The heat has finally let up just a bit, but only to come back this week. It looks like Dallas is going to break the 1980 record for 69 days of 100+ heat.  Somebody turn the heater down already. :)  The bunnies are doing well, loving our air conditioning and napping as much as possible. Will catch up on the all the bunny biz later, but lets get to the fun part where we lighten things up a bit by giving away some lovely, fun jewelry.

Breezing in on his month's giveaway is a lovely set of precious earrings we call "Tangled Up In Buns"!..

Two adorable buns, we call Django and Djingle, are cuddling and climbing all over each other in these ojime wood bead earrings. Why? you ask.. To get treats of course!

Ojime beads are carved by hand. Each bead is individual, and these two are simple adorable. I find them fascinating in the signatures of the artist on each bead. Not only is signature different, but is located in a different place on each. Yet the pair of earrings are an excellent set. The bunnies are perfectly formed, down to their adoreable little bunny butts. :)

An antique copper triangle with copper findings accent the beautiful wood finish. These beauties are 2 1/8" (5.3 cm) long from top of the copper earring wires.

Let's do a simpler giveaway this time. Three ways to enter:

1) Leave me a comment on this blog post

2) Like and / or leave a comment on the facebook giveaway post

3) Send me a convo via the etsy shop

The winner will be pick via bunny choice on September 25th.
Wishing everyone the very best of luck!


aquariann said…
Unique earrings and great giveaway!
these are so gorgeous! Wow!
Jade said…

(Like you didn't know that by now...) :D
Lisa said…
So that's over 2 months of 100+ heat? That might be too much for even me, who loves oppressive heat!
Lisa said…
Can't believe I forgot to rave about how gorgeous those earrings are!!! Love them!!!
MaryL said…
What incredible talent to carve those by hand!!! They are absolutely too cool and unique!! The heat has been bad here in Florida too...but not over a hundred every day, you poor people!!... It has to cool down soon!
Sarah Monster said…
Wow, those are gorgeous earrings!! I've been on such of a natural materials kick lately
Angela said…
Beautiful!! I'm a fan of ojime beads and these are just adorable :)
em-j rabbitwolf said…
I admit I simply adore the earrings and would like to be a give away entrant.
If I don't win would there be any way of purchasing either another set of the earrings or just a pair of beads? Even mu fiance thinks they are cute and so do I.
If you don;t mind sending them to a bunny loving girl over in Scotland that is?
ArtsyNina said…
Those are beautiful earrings! new follower-cameover from Aquariann's blog :)
Alta Infante said…
very interesting earrings! :)


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