Bunny pictures and scrabble tiles

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on some jewelry to send to the House Rabbit Resource Network rescue in Austin / Pflugerville.  I love that they sale my jewelry in the bunny boutique there at the shelter. There is no charge to them, so all the money they raise goes straight to them. We first brought the jewelry to them, but then we came home with our ever wonderful duo of Cooper and Dot. I am still in awe how special they are, such little darlings. They brought such fun to our lives and especially to the monthly drawings :)  ..But no more trips to the rescue.  haha!

I asked if I could play with some of the bunny pictures from the HRRN website to create some scrabble tile pendants. They granted permission, and here is what I came up with:

This is Dale. I think it's obvious why I chose his adorable little bunny self. Isn't he such a doll?

This cutie is Blaze. I fell in love with the stripe down his (her?) face. I think the background is a little loud, but it was fun to play with.

This sweetie is Goldilocks. I just love the ears and sweet expression. I thought the deep purple background was a great blend with the blonde fur.

The darling duo of Bella and Pumpkin. Ok, I think I feel in love with the names as much as the bunnies. This was a great picture to begin with, but I couldn't resist trying to change things up a bit.

And of course I had to add my Dot. I will probably work on Cooper at some point, but Dot was a favorite of one of the volunteers at the rescue. I love this picture because it shows her sweet curious nature and gorgeous ears. I like the flowers in the background, but I wonder if they are a bit too dark.

Here are the actual scrabble tile pendants:

So how did I do?
Have a great day everyone!


Jade said…
Both pendants and subjects are absolutely adorable!
what lovely rabbits they all are and your scrabble tiles are gorgeous!
I think you did a fabulous job! They're gorgeous!
xx, shell
Lisa said…
Love them! for what it's worth, I think the last two are my favorites. Esp Pumpkin and Bella. Just more my kind of color scheme.
Annette F Tait said…
wow! they look super :)
Oh they are nicely done...and I think I would just have to take all of those buns home...so beautiful and precious. Thanks for the work you do for that shelter.
tamara said…
so cool! how did you do these? are they paper on scrabble tiles, covered with some kind of protective coating???

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