Cooper Picks Again


Thank you everyone for the kind words about the scrabble tiles with bunny pics on them. The rescue loved the pendants and asked if I would do custom orders. There will be more on that later, keep you posted on their progress in case any of you want some. Think is it going to be so cool.  Ok, down to the good stuff...

So the picker bunny for this month's giveaway was to be our adorable Cooper Super Duper.  It didn't take but a moment before he starting climbing all over me.  Coop kinda has a thing for his Mommy. Great for bunny love, not so great for pictures. So I placed the bowl a bit further away and my boy went right over:

Such a smart bunny too, he immediately went to choosing.. what can I say, he's a "Picker", that darling Cooper:

And the winner is:

Craft Green Poet!!  See her name on the scrap of paper I am attempting to stop Cooper from shredding?!.. Congratulations!

Our Tangled Up in buns Duo earrings are headed to Scotland :)  Stop by and see the wonderful Juliet at Crafty Green Poet blog and tell her congrats. When she can I need her to send me her e-mail address.

Thank you everyone for entering!  Stay tuned for October's drawing coming really soon :)

P.S.  For em-j rabbitwolf, I'm sorry I only have one more of these beads. You can email me at lavenderrabbit (at) and I will tell you a site that might carry them.


Jade said…
Congrats to Juliet! Lovely earrings for a lovely lady. :D
The Fab Furs said…
Cooper has certainly found his avocation. Congratulations to the lucky winner!
Thank you so much, they're amazing earrings and i look forward to wearing them!
Lisa said…
Sweet snugglebun :)Congrats CGP!
MaryL said…
He is so adorable!!! I love the picture with you trying to take the paper...too cute!!Congrats to Juliet! :)))
The earrings arrived today, they're so beautiful, I'll take a photo of me wearing them and do a Monday Bunday post! Thanks again!
Well done Cooper:D and congrats lucky winner.

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