Which one would you choose?

This past weekend we went to a bead show in Grapevine. It is always one of my favorite shows, but this year was really fun. I found lots of new bunny pieces. Yippee!!!  haha.  So here is my dilemma: the pieces I was deciding on for June's giveaway are no longer in the running. The new pieces are just too awesome. I mean truly awesome. I can't decide which one to use, or even if I want to part with any of them :)  So I will let you choose, do you have a favorite?

First all the cute pieces
Aren't they great? Handpainted from Russia. These are just from one vendor in the show. I have other vendors who also brought me new pieces, but you will just have to wait to see those. :)

Now the choices:

A cute brown bunny, one on a brown stone and a smaller one on a black stone. Then we have the awesome duo of a dutchie and a kitty - rose, gray or blue background.  I know, I know.. too many choices!! How about some close ups:

So tell me, which one do you like better?


Jade said…
I like the solo bunny pieces; I like cats, but I'm not a cat fan per se. Also, it looks like the cat is up to some "funny business" with the bunny (but that could just be me with my mind in the gutter again ;) )
Anonymous said…
Well I like the dutch bunny and kitten on the blue background.
I'm loving that bunny on the brown stone. So pretty!!
xx, shell
Hef's Mom said…
I'm with Shell I love the brown stone bunny!
MaryL said…
Count me in also on the 'Brown Stone Bunny'... just beautiful! They are all really nice but that one is tops! :)))
Anonymous said…
I like it very much!
Lisa said…
I have a fixation with interspecies friendships, I find it one of the most fascinating things in the animal world. So I would pick the kitty and the dutchie. I think the reddish background really brings out the subjects the best. But all of them are so cute!

Jade, get your mind out of the gutter, would you!
Weekend Cowgirl said…
I love the kitty/rabbit duo!!!!

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