More Bunny Pictures

Ok, you asked for it, you got it.  Some more random bunny pictures from the weekend..

My gorgeous Charisma, looking rather - um - fluffy

Dot, aka PolkaDot, giving me her look when I was talking to her about doing the drawing.

Seal.. telling me off for taking away her hay, giving her new hay then snapping the flashing thing at her instead of leaving her in peace to eat.

Bunnies, can't live without them or the attitude...


Jade said…
The pictures are well worth any pain caused by disapproval. :)
Jane said…
Adorable x 3
Ditto to what Jade said! Their faces are just cracking me up! too sweet!
xx, shell
MaryL said…
It's so interesting to read that rabbits have 'attitudes'... we had one when I was a child but it was kept outside... I never really was able to spend 'quality time' with him. Therefore I didn't learn too much... But i did have a friend who had a 'house rabbit' and I got a little bit more exposure but still not enough to understand them at all... just that they were soft, usually sweet until they kicked their feet at being picked up ! :))
Lisa said…
Look at all of your lovelies!!! I'm wondering how many are in pairs? (ie, how many are bonded). I always marvel at people like you who can keep multiple different bunny set-ups. un-bonded buns means enclosures (which I find harder to maintain than cleaning up after them now that they're free-range), multiple feedings, cleanings, etc. Truly amazing. Maybe if we had more space!
Lavender Rabbit said…
Lisa, we currently have 4 pairs and 3 singles. I keep planning to try to bond the singles, but I'm a big chicken at bonding. Only Bella and Ferd are currently free range.

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