May's Winner is...

We had some fun today. Sunday is always cleaning day and I saved Dot's and Cooper's cage for last. I guess I waited too long, as Dot wasn't much interested in drawing for me. My only saving grace is she was really interested in the dried apples I had as her reward.  Finally I got Dot's nose in the bowl...

And out came:

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy.  Congratulations Mandy!!

Mandy is one of my favorite artists and a great inspiration, and if you haven't seen her art recently you need to take a look. See her etsy shop here,  her artfire shop here, her blog here, and check out her facebook fan page Fan's of Bijou's Whimsy. Mandy does the most fun newsletter monthly, so be sure to sign up. Check her out and tell her congratulations.

Mandy, I will get your piece in the mail to you as soon as I verify your address. Hope you love it!
Thank you everyone for entering!  Already working on the bunny piece for next month so stay tuned.


d. moll, said…
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Dot is so talented!!
what a lovely assistant you have in Dot!
Jade said…
Dot is an excellent picker-of-winners, even if she didn't pick my name. Congrats to Mandy!
The Fab Furs said…
Drawing lots is hard work and puts a lot of pressure on the drawer. A suitable remuneration is required. Check the terms of the contract for details.
Oh Dot, I wanna hug ya, first cause your sooo lovely...and again for pulling my name for the draw:D ha ha...thanks so so much. I am sooo excited and happy to win, yayyyyy. It's a beautiful piece I'll wear very happily.

Thanks so so so so so much for the kind works Donna..and all the link love, wow.
Dot you did a most excellent job. Congratulations Mandy!
Lisa said…
Congratulations, Mandy! Dot truly is amazing, and I see she got very enthusiastic again this month!

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