Hoppy Monday

We didn't due much this weekend except sleep and clean. While I'm still working on Charisma's blog, I though I would share a few stolen moments with the bunz over the weekend.

This is my gorgeous Coco. You might recognize her from my banner on etsy in the days before she was disabled. She's giving me the 'you've done enough woman, now leave me alone look'. Beautiful and strong, my Coco.
Ferdy and Bunko sleeping in the sun,
captured by my hubby. These boys sleep the hardest when we're in the room with them. Wonder what they were dreaming?

 And finally my Graysie. She came out to play for a while with us. Such a fuzzy cute face! Graysie is a little ball of fire, and loves to play 'I'm gonna get you.."  Think I'm up for a round now. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Christina said…
What a bunch of cuties. You are a lucky mom and they are lucky buns. Graysie looks like our Samson at the rescue.

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