Dreaming of the Buffalo Bunny and her Protector

My house and heart have been blessed with many bunnies over the last few years. It started with Ermine and Coco a little over 8 years ago. I begun then learning about bunnies and volunteering at a local rescue. Big mistake, as I immediately wanted more bunnies. To talk my hubby into this, I took him to the Christmas open house at the rescue that year. I was overwhelmed by all the bunnies, wanting to take them all home. Hubby walked through, greeting bunnies and humans and on the way home said we should adopt the pair of brown bunnies. I remembered them as one large and one small, but he said they were two small ones? The next weekend I went back to help clean and see them again. One was large, one was small. I remember talking about possibly adopting another pair and asking which pair had been there the longest? It was meant to be, the rescue said the two brown bunnies. So home they came in a borrowed carrier on that fateful day Dec 28th, 2002.
Some day maybe I can talk about them without tears, but today is not that day. They were named Twix and Snickers, but we renamed them M and M ~ Lady Mahogany and her Lord Montgomery to be our Maggie and Monty.

My Maggie was beautiful, large and soulful. To appear smaller, quiet and shy, or sweet and innocent was just one of her many tricks. I believe she must had been a mother, she just had that air about her. Maggie could stop you cold with one look or melt your heart with another. She was nicknamed the Buffalo Bunny - large, brown, furry and stubborn. She taught me so much - patience, learning bunny ideas and ways, but most of all how to start to earn bunny love. The first time she left me pet her and she puddled I thought she was sick! Haha- I think it took a good three weeks before it happened.  

Monty was never really a cuddle bunny, he had things to do and places to go. He would run wild and crazy binkies around the room to just hear me laugh. Monty would give me one of his 'are you watching?' looks and launch himself into space. He quickly became our Mighty Monty, ever the viligant protector. Monty loved his Maggie, and took care of her until the end. We lost Maggie on 11/19/06 after a seizure probably caused by E. cuniculi. We lost our Might Monty to thymoma on his own independance day 7/4/08. I owe them so much, they brought such joy and love into our home.  

All of this comes from a dream I had last night about my lost babies. They were at another place being taken care of until we could come and bring them home. We had come to visit, I was on the floor with my Maggie curled around my head. I was rubbing on her telling her how much I loved her and missed her while she was giving me kisses. Monty was busy getting attention from my hubby. Hubby was getting him some serious attitude because well, Monty had other things to do - haha! ..I wanted to linger in that dream all morning. I know they were telling me they loved us, missed us, and were ok. I also some how think they were telling me thanks for rescuing Cooper and Dot, another pair of bunnies waiting for a home in a sea of cages. Bunnies have such an amazing way of leaving their mark on your mind, heart and soul. It stays imprinted there forever. I wouldn't have it any other way.


what a lovely post, bunnies do indeed leave their mark,
Christina said…
They change our lives ever so much. They are all so special but some of them leave larger paw prints in our hearts. I can only look at Nemo and Stewart's passing as they made room for Millie to come to me. Taking home the special needs buns is so risky but I wouldnt trade these furry kids for anything in the world.
FrecklesandDeb said…
What wonderful memories you have of your little ones.
Lavender Rabbit said…
Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. It's so wonderful to know people understand these furbabies are more then just pets, they're angels in disguise.
Oh oh oh...my heart is with you...I love knowing another fellow rabbit lover...you do truly truly appreciate and 'see' them as I do, thank you for that...thank you for writing about your past and the start of your bunny addiction:D...thank goodness there are the likes of you:D Many many hugs to your tender heart as your remember and miss and shine with their unique incredible-ness:D Be Well Lavender Rabbit from me and my honey bunnies to you and yours, XO. Mandy

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