Bunko Bunkston Bunkingham Von Fartlebee de Duke of Beggardom

My Bunky, my sweet adorable big brown bunny boy who came in out of the cold. He is one of a kind, an absolute sweetheart and a joy to be around. Bunky spends his days sleeping from what I can tell, either in the big window or if he gets hot, in a card board box up against a cool wall. His world has been turned upside down more then once since he first came into the house. We had him in a cage, but he was gentle and calm we let him run the house. He lost his cage to our Amber Buttercup (ATB) when we thought he needed a mate. Needless to say, neither wanted a mate. Amber passed away about a year after we brought her home, but then Ferd came along. Ferd we had in an x-pen in the den with Bunko. Ferd, well, he just wanted to play I guess and climbed out of the x-pen one day while we were at work. Hubby came home to find them snuggled together.

Then along came Bella, and my Bella, well - she is a big hard headed. She wanted to be free range with the boys, and no stupid human was going to stand in her way. So we let her out with the boys, and created the trio of Bunky, Ferd and Bella. Now Bunky has to contend with another intruder, our Graysie, although that bonding is a bit rough still. Both Ferd and Graysie are lionheads, and they seem to be not interested in anything but fighting. Bunky, my darling sweet boy, will simply bonk noses with Graysie but chase her away from his box if she gets too close. Then the silly mom (me) had to go and mess the quiet life up even more by added Cooper and Dot to Bella's day cage. Neither Bella, Ferd nor Bunky were ever put up in the cage, but they did sleep in it some during the day. Now they can't and some new strange bunnies are using their space. Again, my adorable boy Bunky doesn't cause a fuss, just goes to say hello the new duo and back to his area to relax.

Now all of this isn't to say my Bunky boy is perfect, although I think he is, he will grunt and chase when it's time for treats or food. If I'm too late, my ankles will be severely bonked, and my hubby's ankles, and anything else Bunky thinks will help. My silly boy, we absolutely adore him. I don't know how we ever survived without his angel's face in our lives.


Annette F Tait said…
a wonderful story about Bunky and the rabbits!!
He is Very handsome :)
Christina said…
Bunky you are an adorable bun.
BunnyMummy said…
What a Handsome boy, that certainly is a houseful of bunnies you have there.
Beautiful Beautiful rabbits...Ferd is so cute...and your Bunko looks alot like our big beautiful boy Roo:D...love hearing about the family dynamic...good luck with the bonding...we're attempting once again to get Ella and Roo together with Jaks and Jin...not looking to promising yet again but we'll try, ha ha.

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