Updates and Love

Been busy trying to decide which bunny is to be next. All bunnies volunteered, they all want to be admired and love. What's a bun mom to do? What is fair, what is right? Ok, being a bit dramatic about it, so I decided to go alphabetic. Luckily for me I already started at the top. Look for my Bunky to be upfront and center next. My adorable sweet boy, I am coming for you...

In the jewelry news, I wanted to share this gorgeous treasury Kathcojewellery put me in. I just love the colors. Trust me though, it looks much better on the website: Shades of Sepia

Plus I really wanted to say thank you to all of you for the good wishes for my Bella's new hare cut. My gorgeous bunny girl is still blazing a trail upon her cute little bunny nose, but it's starting to grow back. A wonderful lady on the Petbunny mail list suggested Chamomile tea - just to calm down any redness or irritation plus it's uninviting for grooming. Thank you Kathy, it seems to really be helping.

And on a last note, is there anyone out there that can explain to me how to do the links to webpages in the single word or phrase? I'm a bit techy challenged, but determined and really hate the long links in the blog. *** Update - Thank you so much D.M.! As you can see I now have my links handily tied to the titles. Yeah! Love the power of the bloggerland.


d. moll, l.ac. said…
Hi, Lavender Rab! linking is easy.When you are in edit mode just highlight the word you want to link and click on the the link icon, you'll get a little window with a place to paste in the URL address that you have previously copied and are saving for this occasion. Does that help????
Lavender Rabbit said…
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you D! All of my searching and I just couldn't find it. You are awesome!

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