Balded by Love?

My Bella Bunny Girl is beautiful, loving, playful, mischevious - in other words an absolutely darling loppy girl. She will charge into a room to scare, then run up to you for love. Her arrival has been a learning experience the moment she arrived. I had always read lops have their type of personality, I didn't realize it was an over abundance of personality! Bella spends her days sleeping in her cage or by her boys Bunko and Ferd. They are all free range, free to do what they want. But you see, the thing is, somebun has decided my beautiful Bella needed a bit of trim.. right on her nose.
This area isn't sore, Bella will let me rub and rub and rub. Some bun is over grooming, I suspect Ferd. Ferdy came from my hubby's ex wife's neighbor's daughter. Yep, those bunnies know how to find us! HaHa! I suspect Ferd was a bad breeder's baby, taken from his mom much too soon and not taught how to be a bunny. Ferd's method of grooming is more plucking then gentle kisses. I know this from the bald spot Bunko got on his back end. Bunko's spot I stopped by stopping the grooming, but I haven't caught Ferd in the act with Bella.

Here's the trio together.

And the adorable, but not so innocent boys: Aside from banishing Bella to her cage, which I don't want to do - does anyone have any ideas to save my baby's good looks? Poor sweetie - she just wants to be loved.


CuteButBitey said…
Oh dear! Poor Bella seems to be having a 'bad hare day'.
(The pun was unavoidable, I apologize.)
It's sad but I can't help but giggle since she's an exact clone of my Scooter-bun and I can too easily see something like that happening to the clumsy oaf.
Hope you find a solution! A quick google of the problem only points to prozac or dental work. :(
Lavender Rabbit said…
Love that - bad hare day - should have been my title. Now the bunny prozac, that's an idea :)
Christina said…
Poor Poor Bella but I did have to chuckle a bit. LOL We have had a couple of bonded pairs at the rescue tha do this. If its from over grooming I really wouldnt worry about it if I were you. If you catch someone in the act you can try and guide them away from it gently. My girls do not permit Dudley to groom them because he is just too rough. He grooms like a dog trying to nibble an itchy spot.
Oh bless her.. and him with his over enthusiastic grooming. But I guess, if it isn't sore and they are both happy then there isn't any harm... I suppose Bella doesn't actually mind looking a bit bald. (Although they are such proud little creatures!)
Love Charlotte
Oh poor Bella.....I have no suggestions for none of our bunnies have done this to one another. We do find that our Jinny loves to groom by licking the eye area and her sister Hazel and her now buddy Jaks seem to have abit less hair around their eyes than before, but it's not so drastic as was Ferd did...Our Ella Luna (also a lop) gets phantom pregnancy alot and ends up taking her own fur off her entire belly to make nests...but so far she's never gone after Roo, we've seen her take a few strands here and there but again nothing of concern...hope someone can offer some advice...I wouldn't separate them cause obviously Bella loves thr grooming or she wouldn't have let him...I think anyways. Good Luck Lavender Rabbit:D

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