Meet Cooper and Dot

Sorry to be so quiet, I've been making preparations for a new arrival. Meet Dot (the mostly white) and Cooper (the black & white) hiding in the back. They came home with us today from the HRRN. We got there early this morning and got the chance to feed the bunnies. So many cute bunnies there, all of them begging for their pellets. Loved giving them what they wanted :). Cooper and Dot were perfect passengers, riding in separate carriers on the way home, Dot playing with the hay in the carrier and Cooper the perfect angel just loafing. When we got home they immediately got and claimed the place. Cooper loved the cage, going in and out and in and out, seemingly incredibly happy with the large pootie box of hay. Dottie was a bit more shy, but she claimed a cardboard castle and happily took a nap. I didn't take too many pictures, wanting to give them more time to get used to us. So more will be coming. Here they are: And yes, they are even sweeter then this picture! Give me time - I will spoil them rotten and their true personalities will show! Ha Ha!


d. moll, said…
OMG what sweeties, congratulations to you and them, I look forward to seeing more pictures !!!!
Hello Dot and Cooper, what lovely bunnies you are!
Jade said…
Awwwww, they look so shy and sweet--for now, anyway. ;)
Oh welcome to sweet Cooper and Dot and congrats on your newest additions...I am jealous...I want to bring more home too,ha ha....hugs to you all:D

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