Well, Hello World

Hi! Welcome to my new blog. My goal is chat about things that interest me, my house rabbits, jewelry, bird watching, and stray bits that catch my attention. I will first work on introducing my furry cast of characters, the rabbits that rule my heart. I will start with my Ermine, he was the first one on the scene and deserves the right. After that who knows? I intend to also share some inspiration, items that inspire me either creatively or just personally because these are the bits I love to read in other’s blogs. I have big plans for this adventure, and I look forward to seeing what the future of this new outlet brings. Nose bonks from the bunnies!


Upears said…
Hi Donna!
I received your adorable card yesterday. Smudge is a doll baby. I noticed you live in Dallas. My daughter used to live in Dallas so I looked up your address and, small world - you live only 2.28 miles from where my Missy used to live. She lived in University Park. Doggone, I wish she still lived there - I could come by to visit when I visit her. She lives in New Jersy now. I do like her living in Jersey though - it's only an hour from NYC and I LOVE going there!

Give all the buns nosebonks from us!
Dottie in Columbia, SC
Anonymous said…

I was browsing on Etsy and came across your Lavender Rabbit Reserved Listing Sign, visited your store and now your blog. I love your blog and bunnies. I'm a writer and love a good rabbit story. I subscribed. People with bunnies are all heart! I'm Tsubunny on etsy.

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