Ay Karamba Kar – eez – ma!

I am skipping around a bit with the intros of the buns. This weekend while I was cleaning the bunnies’ room, my Charisma completely charmed me with her exuberance. Let me tell you some of her story.

The trio I adopted from the Richardson Animal Shelter was growing up and beginning to break up. Seal and Otter had formed a pair, leaving my Marten out. Off to Wild Rescue http://rescuedrabbits.org/ Marten and I went. While my brave little boy waited for us on a couch, I toured the facility with the owner. She picked out two bunnies to try with Marten. There was a beautiful multi-brown girl named Darling and an adorable white bunny girl whose name I don't remember. I do remember that the little white bunny was stuck in the bathroom to be introduced second. Darling was hyper, she didn’t like me holding her at all! – but the moment I placed her on the couch with Marten they snuggled. A shared piece of kale and it was a done deal. From that moment forward they were inseparable. Darling didn’t like me singing to her “You don’t have to call me darlin’, darlin’..” So being a huge Buffy fan, we picked Charisma after Charisma Carpenter. The name fit her perfectly and still does!

Life was good for many years, Marten was the alpha bunny and he kept Charisma, the Wild Child, in line. They were totally bonded. Then June 2008 my Marten got bloat, and passed away, leaving Charisma behind. She knew he was sick, but when he didn’t come back from the vet she went into a depression. So did I. My beautiful, vivacious, loving bunny girl was quiet and solitary. Charisma and I spent many hours quietly consoling each other. I would rub on her, and she would stretch out and just look at me. By November last year I thought maybe she would like a new friend, so we went to the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary http://ntrs.org/ to bring home Smudge, the sweetest-ever Californian boy. Charisma hasn’t made up her mind yet, she tolerates Smudge, but has yet to bond with him. I suspect she still misses Marten, he was one of a kind, and there is still a giant hole in our warren. It’s all ok either way; Smudge appears to have eyes for our Graysie, a beautiful gray Lionhead.

Recently good things are taking place. Charisma seems to want to be out more and searching for company. She rattles gates, binkies (happy hopping) all over the room, runs to us for rubs, and destroys all toys and newspaper in her path. My baby girl is coming around again. We will try letting her out with the Fun Bunch, the roaming-free-about-the-house den crowd. I'll let you know how it goes...


willow said…
Darling, sweet bunnies :0)

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