How it all begin or Meet Ermine

Everyone needs someone to love. I always thought rabbits were quiet, sweet, docile creatures. So why not have one as a pet? At the feed store this one adorable little white ball of fur followed me around with these gorgeous red eyes. The cute tiny bunny went to every corner of the glass enclosure to find where I was and watch me. Little did I know it was the beginning of bunny mind control. A quick call to my hubby, and bunny was coming home with me. I was told the bunny was a girl, and around 6 months old. Funny as it was totally wrong. We almost named 'her' Ruby, but hubby knew a woman name Ermine - nickname Squirmin' Vermin and it seemed perfect. I loved Pigmidgen, so that was tacked on as well. Later we added Grumpy and Fussbucket for obvious reasons. Ermine won our hearts with these adorable dances in the air, nose bonks and climbing all over us. Ermine also loved getting under things, but suddenly the mouse on the computer didn't work anymore. Nor the keyboard. Bunnies like to chew, especially electrical cords. I never knew there was so much shiny copper in the wires behind the TV. Another interesting fact, fabric chairs keep soot from candles on the underside. My beautiful white bunny would come out from under the chair with a big gray streak across his back. Bunnies Do Not like baths either, let me tell you - or rather let Ermine tell you. I heard grunts, growls, squeaks, and hums. Ermine will also box his opinion to you. All of this was only the beginning of my education, it wasn't until Coco came home I learned my baby girl bunny Ermine was truly a boy...


Bunny mind control...yes, very familiar with that :) Thank you for following Sweetie Pie on Twitter and I love "hoppinings"! Ermine is SOOOOOO cute!

Kristie & Sweetie Pie
WonderfulWire said…
What a delightful blog this is going to be!! Please make sure to put a 'follow' widget on the page so I and others can keep up to date with your wonderful postings! :)

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