Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Bunday

Nose bonks from Cooper and Dot

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh, for the love of fennel: January's Winners

First, just let me say - bunnies will be bunnies!... and, to the point, Dot will be Dot and Cooper will be Cooper, the living embodiments of those sentiments to the max!!..

My Dot, all ready to pick

I came up with a brillant idea, I would rub fennel on the paper with the names before I cut into pieces for the drawing. It worked perfectly. I placed the bowl in front of Dottie, and she immediately went for it, WITH A VENGENCE, lol!..

"Mmmm, smells yummy.. nom, nom, why pick, I'll eat them all", Dot sez!..

Finally, our beautiful and wise Dot picked:

Invisible name? Too close to the camera :)

Congratulations to Ms. Annette! Longines and Bulova, the twin bunnies of the watch pendant will be very happy with you and all your wonderful hares. Annette has an awesome blog called Dragon House of Yuen.  You can also check out her gorgeous creations in her etsy shop The Leverets Nest.  Please stop by and tell her congratulations. The watch pendant has been much coveted. And, yes, to the many requests that have come in, it will be available for purchase on Lavender Rabbit on Etsy.. details to follow..

This time piece will be on it's way to Scotland. Hope bunnies don't get air sick...

The good thing about fennel is how aromatic it is. The bad thing about fennel is how aromatic it is... As you could see in the last bunny picture, Cooper made his way to the top of the cage to see what Dot was getting. I almost couldn't keep Annette's name safe, and yet I had to get another name. So cautiously I set the bowl back down and stepped away.  Soon I saw Cooper chewing on something... The second winner is Two Bunny Blog!

Almost completely eaten name...

Congratulations to Two Bunny Blog!  You can read about the adorable cuteness of Nico, Piper and Tokki at their blog here.  Little Annabelle the House Bunny will join your home and warren soon..

Annabelle bunny, Texas born and proud

So the real problem with using fennel with the names? I saw Cooper chewing and pulled the name, but I also saw Dottie chewing.. what to do? Well, I guess Ms. Lorna of Fuzzy Creatures will have to figure that out... she is going to get her pick among the drawing choices. We'll make another of either, or anything else she chooses, to satisfy the third bunny pick. Who are we to say how many winners there will be.. after all, bunnies will be bunnies and they are IN CHARGE, as all already know, lol!!

Thank you all for entering! I have an order of white bunny time pieces coming in and will let everyone know once they arrive. Both the time pieces and my house rabbit pendant will placed in the etsy shop for anyone who wants one. Stay tuned for February's drawing coming - well - in February :)...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bella and Ferd

Bella and Ferd awaiting their night nana.
Love this sphinx pose of Bella's. Just missed her yawn :)
Stay tuned for tomorrow' drawing...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Be Bold, Be Brave.. The Graysie Story

Once upon a time, well a specific time - say January 7, 2009, there was an adorable little gray lionhead bunny waiting in a glass cage at Petco store. You see, this cute ball of fluff had been at this store for a while trying the cutest of the bunny cuteness to win a forever home. Luckily this trick was starting to work on a soft hearted human, who just happened to be my husband...

My darling hubby had been stopping at a Petco in Longview on his way home to pick up pellets. He came across a little gray lionhead he dubbed Loco after the Longview highschool football team mascot. He was completely in love with this furbaby, but I wouldn't let him buy a bunny. No way - no how. We knew this job assignment was ending, and that he wouldn't be going back, so he called me on the way home that day. If that bunny is there, I'm bringing him home. I can't say no forever, and I really can't say no that well to my hubby... Then a little bit later I got a phone call again, the bunny was there and coming home. The petstore had sold little Loco to a couple who had brought him back. Why you ask? Because the cute, sweet, innocent little lionhead bunny had bitten the couple's ferret (!!) That story still makes me laugh. Does this look like the face of a fierce ferret hunter?

My sweet Graysie, my Stinkerbelle, my Stinkerdoodle. She loves to run and run and run. Very sweet when sleeping and occassionally when awake. Very adventurous, she goes where no other buns go, namely behind the couch.

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day my Graysie. You haven't aged a day my sweetheart. I love the little white strip under your nose that makes it look like it's moving 100 miles per minute. I adore the pure white belly that you push against the bars when you really want treats. May we celebrate many more adventures together.

ps..Just a reminder, January's giveaway is still going on. Be sure to check it out :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Of Time and Place.. and begging Bunnypickers!

The Lavender Rabbit Studio giveaway went away for December, that month being all that it is.. sure you understand..
SO, to start 2012 off with a BANG!.. and with the happy return of our dsl and internet,  we decided to bring back the giveaway in a big way.. this month we have two pieces and two drawings to start the year.. and, if I do say so myself, both are spectacular! Each is possibly better than anything we gave away in 2011.. sooooo, here we go!

Meet Longines and Bulova. Sweet little white bunnies frolicking on a timepiece who heard good things about firsts of months and white rabbit, white rabbit incantations.. and are ready to help bring you good luck for your new year.

There is no way you could get into trouble with those angel faces now... right?

What better way to have the time of your life than with two adorable New Zealand bunnies with you.. and get a nice watch in the works?

This gorgeous piece is 24" (61 cm) long silver plated rolo chain with a lobster clasp, watch pendant is 2 3/8" (6.2 cm) long from top of bail.

 The second drawing is...

The year of the rabbit may be coming to a close, but don't tell Annabelle.  Annabelle has a dream, she wants all rabbits to have the perfect little home like she does.

Lovely Annabelle, her carrot treat in paw, is looking out at the world from her large window sending out love and hope for all.

Annabelle may already have a house on which she is placed.. but she needs you to give her your heart and home..

Annabelle necklace is 18" (45.7 cm) long with a lobster clasp, house rabbit pendant is 2 3/4" (7 cm) long from top of bail.

So let's get to the entering part. Up to three entries, if you have a preference of which piece please let me know...

1) Leave me a comment on this blog post. Be sure to leave me a way to contact you if you win.

2) Like and leave a comment on the facebook giveaway post

3) Heart the etsy shop and send me a convo or leave a message here on the blog

The winner will be chosen via Bunny Picker ( if I can bribe a bunny to do it :)) ~ something tells me that Dot and Cooper are ready to pick~ on January 22nd.

Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The One Who Started It All...

We are having some computer issues at home which is delaying the posting of January's giveaway. I am excited because it's two, but also because I missed not having one last month and I really love the prizes. 

Ok, enough of that, what you really want is a bunny. Let's cheat a bit and do a post from work. Since we ended last year with a gorgeous Californian, I think it's fair to start the year with his 'mini me'. 

January 1, 2002

It had been a while since I had a furry baby in my life. We lived in a small apartment and it just wasn't fair to keep a dog couped up all day or to sentence a cat to looking at just 4 walls. I had a small garden on the porch area and tried to tempt the birds to come visit. Occassionally I would go to the local feed store to get bird food and roam around, it was there I first spotted the bunnies. I feel in love with a two tone brown bunny we quickly nicknamed Tommy TwoTone, but on the new years day when I went to get him I found out he was already spoken for. There was this tiny, tiny ball of fluff with gorgeous red eyes that watched me walk all around the store while I spoke to my hubby on the phone, and the sales lady spoke to the people who reserved Tommy on the phone, and I just generally wandered about wondering what I should do. I guess we'll never know what happened to the handsome brown boy, but those red eyes finally sunk into my thoughts and came home with me.

We were told it was a girl, and we named her Ermine. She was so small she fit in the palm of my hand. We were also told she was six months old. Ermine loved to run, running big circles all around me and doing the craziest jumps I had ever seen.

So cute!! Needless to say, everything we were told was wrong but we didn't find that out until later. My Ermine, nicknamed Squirim' Vermin because he was so small and hyper. Loved to chew on the rug, the molding, computer cables, tv cables and hide under the big chair. Ermine taught us a lot about bunnies and how to properly care for them. He would get horrible bouts of gas, and I would search and search for ways to help him out. Of course once I stopped giving him the seedy treat sticks he loved so much he had no more gas issues. It was the introduction of Coco to him we found out he was a boy, in a very obviously and completely male sort of way.. (giggle!!)

I think it was also obvious he wasn't six months old, more likely six weeks old. None of these things have ever detered those gorgeous red eyes. They may not see as well as they once did, but Ermine can still get his thoughts across when he wants.

Happy 10th gotcha day my grumpy little boy. Thanks for being the first, my teacher, my baby and my little sweetheart.

And yes, I promise to add a more current photo when I get the chance...