Oh, for the love of fennel: January's Winners

First, just let me say - bunnies will be bunnies!... and, to the point, Dot will be Dot and Cooper will be Cooper, the living embodiments of those sentiments to the max!!..

My Dot, all ready to pick

I came up with a brillant idea, I would rub fennel on the paper with the names before I cut into pieces for the drawing. It worked perfectly. I placed the bowl in front of Dottie, and she immediately went for it, WITH A VENGENCE, lol!..

"Mmmm, smells yummy.. nom, nom, why pick, I'll eat them all", Dot sez!..

Finally, our beautiful and wise Dot picked:

Invisible name? Too close to the camera :)

Congratulations to Ms. Annette! Longines and Bulova, the twin bunnies of the watch pendant will be very happy with you and all your wonderful hares. Annette has an awesome blog called Dragon House of Yuen.  You can also check out her gorgeous creations in her etsy shop The Leverets Nest.  Please stop by and tell her congratulations. The watch pendant has been much coveted. And, yes, to the many requests that have come in, it will be available for purchase on Lavender Rabbit on Etsy.. details to follow..

This time piece will be on it's way to Scotland. Hope bunnies don't get air sick...

The good thing about fennel is how aromatic it is. The bad thing about fennel is how aromatic it is... As you could see in the last bunny picture, Cooper made his way to the top of the cage to see what Dot was getting. I almost couldn't keep Annette's name safe, and yet I had to get another name. So cautiously I set the bowl back down and stepped away.  Soon I saw Cooper chewing on something... The second winner is Two Bunny Blog!

Almost completely eaten name...

Congratulations to Two Bunny Blog!  You can read about the adorable cuteness of Nico, Piper and Tokki at their blog here.  Little Annabelle the House Bunny will join your home and warren soon..

Annabelle bunny, Texas born and proud

So the real problem with using fennel with the names? I saw Cooper chewing and pulled the name, but I also saw Dottie chewing.. what to do? Well, I guess Ms. Lorna of Fuzzy Creatures will have to figure that out... she is going to get her pick among the drawing choices. We'll make another of either, or anything else she chooses, to satisfy the third bunny pick. Who are we to say how many winners there will be.. after all, bunnies will be bunnies and they are IN CHARGE, as all already know, lol!!

Thank you all for entering! I have an order of white bunny time pieces coming in and will let everyone know once they arrive. Both the time pieces and my house rabbit pendant will placed in the etsy shop for anyone who wants one. Stay tuned for February's drawing coming - well - in February :)...


Christina said…
Woohoo! Congrats to the winners. I know Annette will be thrilled!
Jade said…
Congrats to the winners!

*makes note to self to send bribes to Dot and Cooper for next drawing*

I will definitely be wanting one of those gorgeous watches, so let me know when they are available in the shop!
Michelle May said…
Congratulations to the winners!
Put my name on one of the watches when they are available! I want one!!!
Lorna Appleby said…
The promised bribes will be on their way Dot and Cooper!

Er, I mean.. ;)
Anonymous said…
We are sooo excited! Yay! Sending you an email now...
Annette F Tait said…
yay!!!! kisses and hugs and fennel and banana to Miss Dot :)

thank you SO much Donna!!! and Miss Dot! totally love this gorgeous time piece!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Wesley says he is looking forward to his 2 white furred girlfriends ;)
Lisa said…
Congrats to the winners!!!

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