Our very own Chimera chooser

Once again it's time for a drawing for the jewelry giveaway. Here they come to save the day.. the name-drawing experts, Super Dot and Super Cooper. 

They are on to us.. interesting they say, but where's the treats? They just push the names around.. "hey, Mommy, are the treats under these annoying slips of paper?!!".. "is this something for us to read while you get MORE TREATS?!!!!.. hint, hint!!!"

A little shy from having to take meds for the last month (she's off them now but still antsy).. Dot steps up to the plate, like she has something on her mind- something to say..

Ok, I'll do it. I know just who to pick..

And the winner is... Jade!!.. no kidding, Dot loves Jade and visa versa.. and we do too!.. But it was a truly honest drawing out of 50 pieces of paper.. totally deserved..

Congratulations Jade!!
Everyone please tell Jade congrats and pass on nose rubs to her lovely lop, the most handsome Mr. Mick at The Zen of Bun

Ms. Jade, I will get Chimera, the dragon pendant, on its way to you.

Thank you everyone for entering! Stay tuned for the next drawing. Something wickedly cute this way hops!..


Jade said…
YAY!!! *gives Dot smooches and ear rubs*

Thanks lots, Donna and Dot! Cannot wait to get my hands on my gorgeous Chimera! :D
I love seeing bunnies make the prize draws, they always seem so engrossed...

Congratulations Jade!
speedyrabbit said…
Congratulations Jade!nose bonks from Speedy and hugs from mum!
Lisa said…
Lovely piece Donna! Congrats Jade!!
Weekend Cowgirl said…
What a cute way to choose!!!!!
Christina said…
It was meant to be of course. Congrats to Jade!

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