Then Came Dead Head Fred

Sometimes something you know will happen actually does happen, and it turns out to be a really good thing... Let me tell you about my February 12th in 2007:

We went to pick up a little black bunny from some people who didn't want him anymore. The baby bunny had been bought by a girl.. her parents didn't want she took him to college, but the semester was over so the roommate took him home to Dad.. Dad's family didn't want him so he went to Mom's, but Mom's family didn't want him... So how did we end up with this little one? Well 'Mom' was neighbors with my hubby's ex who knew we have rabbits.  He was named Fred or Dead Head Fred per the 'Dad'. They kept him in a small cage in the garage, where dear ol' Dad like to hang out and smoke some um... stuff not bought at stores,  where he had the dog trying to get at him and the coyotes at night trying to get to him and who knows what else. When I saw him, there were a few things I knew right away: Fred was a lionhead, Fred was definitely male, and really didn't like to be handled. He was just so adorable!  Just look at that face:

We didn't know what we were going to do with him. We kept him in an xpen until we could figure out where to put another cage. One day hubby came home from work, and called me. It seems Ferd knew where he belonged and it was with our Bunko.
So where exactly did we get Ferd from Dead Head Fred? Well, obviously 'Dead Head' had to go away - not a good bunny name. Fred was ok and I wanted to go for a Freddy Mercury reference, but hubby kept talking about how furry he was. So it became Furr'd, then Ferdinand, then Ferdy and because he is a true lionhead with the patented lionhead bounce came Ferdy Birdy. Plus he gave me one of my favorite bunny pictures of all time, I call it "Feed the Snout"
Ferd had a real thing for chairs for a while. I could go on and on about this little one. It's obvious he went through a lot, the multiple homes, the loss of Bunko, but he made it through it with all his little Ferdy ways. He even accepts rubs when he's really sleepy or I catch him off guard.
Happy Fifth Gotcha day my little bounder boy.
Many, many more happy returns.


d. moll, said…
some bunnies have a round about path to finally get home, What a fab little bun, so glad he found you
Christina said…
Happy Gotcha Day Ferdy..You are one handsome bun. Glad you are safe and happy now.
Jade said…
Hoppy Bunniversary to you and the Ferd-meister!
Michelle May said…
Happy Gotcha Day you precious boy! Love ya'll and your beautiful hearts girlfriend!
Lisa said…
Happy Gotcha day Ferdy! and Happy Valentines, handsome boy. Have you tried re-bonding him with another bun?
Annette F Tait said…
aw adorable :) happy fifth beautiful Ferd! and I love the Feed the Snout!! (had a couple of snouters here!)

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