February's Winner is...

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, of a jewelry giveaway.. about a skipper and her band o' buns, fennel, name slips and hay!..

It's time to give away our Jaquesline pendant.. she's so special that the buns were apparently wanting to keep her here.. First Bella, the everpresent volunteer and bravest bunny in the world, nibbled a bit at the names, but would not draw..  

Then Ferd took a sniff, and said "I like Jaquesline here"..

Dot wouldn't sit still even to discuss, but then Super Duper Cooper, the household name-picker, flicked out of his cage!.. of course, he ran back in the cage but entertained drawing from the top level of his castle.. 

Coop nibbled, sniffed, tossed a couple around but did not find a name until he decided to EAT Angela's name slip.. so we played the "give me that", "no, I want to swallow it" game.. and Angela won the drawing and Jaquesline, sent her her by Cooper with lots of teary goodbyes from all in the warren..

Congratulations, Angela!.. we know you will love this piece.. from the number of "I Want"'s on the blogs and messages, she was greatly coveted.. a message has been sent to Angela, and, on her response, Jaquesline will be swimming to her way soon, from Cooper with love!!

Thank you all for entering. Stay tuned for March's giveaway.. not giving anything away right now, but don't be surprised if it has big ears!.. No, it's not my Hunny Bunny Husband, he's mine!.. but it will be just as cute!


Jade said…
Congratulations, Angela!

Can't wait to see what the March want--I mean, giveaway--will be. :)
bunnythreads said…
beautiful!! Congratulations Angela!
I think I'm next on the list Jade move over ~push~shove~ (sending my Chip to stuff the ballot box) heehee He will probally eat my papers 1st...darn bunny loves to eat paper Hmm Maybe he should pick the next winner ? Chip has unusually `big' ears,he could be the March model. Poor guys'ears were too big for Mini Rex curcuit judging so he was discarded- we rescued him w/his big Chocolate ears.
All Ears said…
Congratulations to Angela! I won a few months ago and love my Hootie Owl necklace! I know you'll love the mermaid!

Maybe Bunnythreads and Jade will have to make way for me to win. On the other hand, bunny lovers are special and as long as one of us bunnylovers get it I'm happy!

Now Lavender, I would be glad to share my HunnyBunnyHubby for a weekend. He's okay for a hubby, he's housebroken and uses a litterbox...I mean bathroom.
I wouldn't trade him seriously. He's a moderator on a website forum and got mad and banned someone. He was quite visibly upset today that someone posted a video of animal cruelty on a ...I can't finish the sentence. He loves them as much as I do and I was touched by his unusual extra display of emotion over the bunnies. Binkies & nosebonks to Jade, bunnythreads & Lavender!
Mary Ellen

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