Monday, October 31, 2011

Arrrr Maties...

Hope everybun gets the treats they deserve :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Some very wonderful days....

Funny how some you have some ideas, but take so very long to put them in action. Today is one of those days that I need to put an idea in action. I've been forgetting some very important days, and well - it's time I shared.

October 19, 2007
I went to Weatherford to pick up a black loppy girl named Enola. She was meant to be a friend to my Monty. She was an adorable little 2 year who needed a new home because her owners were expecting their first child. Enola was bold from word go. She loved to play in the trash can, would dig in it, jump on top, and move it all around.

Wasn't she adorable? It was quickly apparent being named after a bomber plane wasn't going to work with her being such a beautiful bunny girl, so Bella became one of the household.

It's been wonderful 4 years my beautiful sweetheart. Happy Gotcha Day.

Let's go even further back in time, October 23, 2004
My trio - Seal, Otter and Marten had decided to divide themselves. I let Seal have her choice which left my Marten alone. So off to Wild Rescue Marten and I went. I wondered through the bunny yard, the lady at the rescue picked up a gorgeous brown bunny named Darling and plopped her in my arms. Boy, was she a handful! I almost dropped her a couple of times, silly girl. We placed Darling and Marten on a couch and went off to select a few more potentials. One was all it took, by the time we got back Darling and Marten were united on the couch standing off a cat sleeping at the top. All I can say is Marten had really good taste, Darling was gorgeous...

Darling was real wild child, loved to run and jump and get into trouble. Charisma was the perfect name. A complete and total love, smart and mischievous. A perfect pick.

Happy 7th Gotcha Day my Charisma. You have been a blessing and joy every day.

Yes babies, treats are coming....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The drawing and the winner....

The bunnies have adapted to and taken over the jewelry giveaway name drawing game, I think. Like all bunnies, once they know what is expected of them~ they CAN'T make it easy.. sooo, there was a bit of drama, pleading, and begging to get a bunny to draw a name.  I started with Dot first...

Dot sez.. no, I don't think so..

Ok, let's see if can tempt Cooper, her mate, to come out and do what Dot would not... the bait:

Cooper please???!!!

No, he's not picking, just GRAZING!!.. reaching for the fennel.

Bella is chillin' in her box.. maybe she's up to the task?

Bella sez.. don't even think about it!

Our lovely lionhead, Graysie?

Slightly interested, but no thank you...

Back to our Double Dependable Dot, please Dot!!... I just need a name..

Dot goes.. Oh, ok.  If you insist.

Sure, sure, Mommy..  I pick one and THEN you take it away from me!

And the winner is Mary Ellen!  Congrats Mary Ellen!! Stop by Mary Ellen's blog Rabbit Slippers and congratulate her!

Thank you everyone for entering!! We've got something new planned for next month, so stay tuned :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hootie and the October Giveaway

Hello all. It's that time again.. time for falling leaves, longer sleeves and thankfully cooler temperatures. All is right and ready for our next giveaway, and there is an owl outside our window in the night air.. making their call.. so lets give a big hoot and holler for Hootie!..

Insightful, wise, and protective, Hootie is deep and intense. With rich black feathers and shining clear crystals, this little hooter loves to show off.

He is a hefty boy, with a 24" (61 cm) long chain accented with black crystals. 

Whoooo will claim him.. Hootie is a true hoot to behold.

So how to enter:

1) Leave me a comment on this blog post

2) Like and / or leave a comment on the facebook giveaway post

3) Send me a convo via the etsy shop

Please be sure leave me a way to contact you if you win.
The winner will be chosen via designated Bunny Picker on October 16th.

Best of luck everyone!