The drawing and the winner....

The bunnies have adapted to and taken over the jewelry giveaway name drawing game, I think. Like all bunnies, once they know what is expected of them~ they CAN'T make it easy.. sooo, there was a bit of drama, pleading, and begging to get a bunny to draw a name.  I started with Dot first...

Dot sez.. no, I don't think so..

Ok, let's see if can tempt Cooper, her mate, to come out and do what Dot would not... the bait:

Cooper please???!!!

No, he's not picking, just GRAZING!!.. reaching for the fennel.

Bella is chillin' in her box.. maybe she's up to the task?

Bella sez.. don't even think about it!

Our lovely lionhead, Graysie?

Slightly interested, but no thank you...

Back to our Double Dependable Dot, please Dot!!... I just need a name..

Dot goes.. Oh, ok.  If you insist.

Sure, sure, Mommy..  I pick one and THEN you take it away from me!

And the winner is Mary Ellen!  Congrats Mary Ellen!! Stop by Mary Ellen's blog Rabbit Slippers and congratulate her!

Thank you everyone for entering!! We've got something new planned for next month, so stay tuned :)


Jade said…
They're no fools; they're holding out for better treats. :)

Congratulations to Mary Ellen!
Congratulations Mary Ellen and how funny that the rabbits were so reluctant to draw a name!
The Fab Furs said…
Congratulations to the winner! Maybe the paper slips are uninteresting; they need to be attached to a carrot, yogurt drop,etc.
All Ears said…
Thank you so much! I am very excited! I don't enter too many things so this is really exciting to me. Thanks! I love the Lavender Rabbit blog, FB page, tweets and Etsy store! I can't believe I won! I love the drama of the bunnies. Maybe you need to write tiny on long strands of hay. LOL
Thank you folks and reluctant buns.
Mary Ellen
All Ears said…
If my post appears 3 or 4 times, I have been having trouble with blogger and my browser. Apologies.
Mary Ellen
Michelle May said…
Congratulations! I have to show Harrington and Hannah how helpful your assistants are. Maybe they'll see how lazy they are! ;)

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