Hootie and the October Giveaway

Hello all. It's that time again.. time for falling leaves, longer sleeves and thankfully cooler temperatures. All is right and ready for our next giveaway, and there is an owl outside our window in the night air.. making their call.. so lets give a big hoot and holler for Hootie!..

Insightful, wise, and protective, Hootie is deep and intense. With rich black feathers and shining clear crystals, this little hooter loves to show off.

He is a hefty boy, with a 24" (61 cm) long chain accented with black crystals. 

Whoooo will claim him.. Hootie is a true hoot to behold.

So how to enter:

1) Leave me a comment on this blog post

2) Like and / or leave a comment on the facebook giveaway post

3) Send me a convo via the etsy shop

Please be sure leave me a way to contact you if you win.
The winner will be chosen via designated Bunny Picker on October 16th.

Best of luck everyone!


The Fab Furs said…
Hoot, hoot, hoot for Hootie!
Sarah Monster said…
my school mascot is an owl, i would love to rock this around campus :D
Jade said…
I would definitely give a hoot to get a chance to bring Hootie home. :D
KaHolly said…
I am visiting from Raspberry Rabbits. I saw your blog name on her sidebar - anything with lavender in it attracts my attention! Precious owl - super give-away. Don't include me, though!! Just wanted to pop in and say hi.
stylefriendly said…
Awesome giveaway!

stylefriendly at gmail DOT com
ArtsyNina said…
I want Hootie! She's wonderful!
Mango said…
Hootie is so cuteeeeeeee and seems so clever too!! lol
I love his deep eyes <3 I wish to win :)
I follow u via GFC (mango) and liked on FB as princess janice. I favorite ur shop on Etsy shop as janet loayza :)

kisses! btw thanks 4 this cool giveaway :) loayza.janet@gmail.com
AAAhhhhh I LOVE this owl, I had seen it on Etsy awhile ago and put it into my favourites list. 'falling leaves and longer sleeves'...love that:D Have a wonderful day and give the furrys a hello from me and mind. XO.
All Ears said…
I love the owl necklace set, it's really beautiful. I just followed you. I follow you on Twitter as @CuddleLop. Love your stuff! I am a bunnaholic such as your self.
I used to make macrame owls when I was a kid. Now you are making me want to do that again.

Mary Ellen
CHA0Sgirl said…
Soo beautiful! I liked your facebook page (Zsófia Döme) my favourite on etsy is Fire Bee Orange Yellow Fade Crystal Drop Necklace. :)
I adore this little owl! Would love to give him a home in my fall wardrobe :)

What a great piece! Owls are one of my favorite animals. =] christierotondo@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )
aquariann said…
Gorgeously unique necklace! *hoots for Hootie*

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