Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July's Winner is...

Things went juuuuust a little crazy... it was a simple drawing of a name for a giveaway on Facebook. Dot had done it several times, even soliciting bribes from past winners and future hopefuls. Dot is a pro, I knew she knew the drill. Of course, in BunnyWorld, nothing is ever certain!

We took a bowl full o' names of entries into the bunnies' domain. A discussion insued asking the bunnies to concentrate intently on the bowl of names:

So, naturally, every other spot in the room held their rapt attention EXCEPT the bowl in question!!

(Don't you just love the soft spots on bunny necks?  Love the coloring they both have... you gotta love Dot and Cooper aka, collectively, "Dooper")

Thus, we resorted to our special well-honed training techniques only known by true blue "Bunny Whisperers".. bribes..

Dot decides umm... No, I don't think so.

So something odd happens.. if Dot won't cooperate, there is nothing else Cooper wants to do except THE OPPOSITE.. so, Cooper goes for it:

He drew a name and promptly made a beeline for his cage, ready to flee to a corner for the sole purpose of doing something productive, he HAD to eat the paper.. Dot utilized the distraction to grab an entire big bag of dried apple treats and charge into another part of the cage with it. Her plans seem to include a nite of downing the whole bag of treats as soon as possible.

After much chasing both of them, laughing, while I reached in Cooper's mouth and pulled the slip of paper out like a fortune cookie saying out of Coop's gullet.. I finally rescued the slip of paper to reveal..

I had written Story Teller instead of StoryBeader, the entrant.. nonetheless, it's Congratulations StoryBeader!!..

Visit StoryBeader at her blog here or her etsy shop and tell her congrats!

Thanks everyone for entering!!  Stay tuned for August's drawing, time for another bunny piece.. now I am off to give Dot and Cooper one piece of apple each, keeping the bag waaaay out of reach.. we don't want them making another "run for the border".. 

It's never a dull day in the Land of Dooper!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dot's Prize aka Gifts in the Mail

Dot has an amazing story. She was waiting in a rescue for 3 years for someone to pick her and bring her home. We fell in love with the bun next door, Cooper, we made a special trip back to the Austin rescue to get our Coop, and they suggested Dot, next door, as his love bun.

Cooper is an absolute doll and such a rub whore, but Dot has been a revelation. They said she was cage aggressive, but didn't warn us she was such a thief.. stole our hearts from Day One, and continues to do it every day. She has too much personality for one bun, thus her nickname "Dot Plus"!

Dot will do the unexpected at any given time, and never fails to bring a smile to my face. She became our bunny to draw names on our Lavender Rabbit Studio jewelry giveaway. Dot LOVES the attention, hopping for her time in the spotlight.

So when someone promised Dot a reward if her name was drawn for June's giveaway, I guess Dot knew.  That person (Ms. Jade Drc!) had to make good on the promise.  So a few days ago a box arrived in the mail from Bunspace. It contained lovely bunny booty:

A little coaching; rattling of bags and a sneak peak (taste) of the presents... Dot came to investigate.

Is this for me?  I think it's all for me!  This pineapple smells really yummy...

Off she goes...claiming her prize: 

Thank you Jade and Mickey! Dot loves her treats!! I would let her tell you herself, but um... she's a little buzy right now :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

July's Giveaway: Dot's Dream

Dot received a very special package in the mail last week (someone rewarded her with treats for picking their name)..  I will blog on that a bit later, but it did inspire the name for this month's giveaway. Without further ado, this month prize is:

Dot's Dream. A gorgeous porcelain egg dotted with circles of color on a wonderful mixed pearl necklace. As fetching and unique as the bunny that inspires it..

Circles of amber, like those around my gorgeous Dot's eyes. Slices of bananas, the bunnies' favorite treats. Round plump blueberries - another bunny favorite. Soft waves of blues ebb and flow all around. It is also Dot's Dream that she has all these folks on the internet trying to curry favor for her to choose their name in the giveaway. Our Drama Queen Dot loves attention! She knows she is supposed to be the center of attention.. and now her jewlery piece IS! Dream on, our lovely Dot!

Mixed colors of pearls on an adjustable 20" (54 cm) long with a lobster clasp. Multicolor round pendant is a large 2 1/8" (5.7 cm) long from top of the bail.

A true bunny's dream accessory.

Enter the drawing one of the following ways. Up to 5 entries allowed:

1. Post a comment on this blog post.

2. Become a fan of the blog.

3. Post a comment /like on facebook's July's giveaway post.

4. Become a fan of the facebook page. (Please leave let me know if you have already done this or do this.)

5. Heart the Etsy shop. (Please send me a convo if you do this one or have done this.)

Winner will be chosen via bunny pick on Sunday, July 24th. Please be sure to leave me a link and/or email to get a hold of you if you win.

And always... The best of luck everyone!