July's Winner is...

Things went juuuuust a little crazy... it was a simple drawing of a name for a giveaway on Facebook. Dot had done it several times, even soliciting bribes from past winners and future hopefuls. Dot is a pro, I knew she knew the drill. Of course, in BunnyWorld, nothing is ever certain!

We took a bowl full o' names of entries into the bunnies' domain. A discussion insued asking the bunnies to concentrate intently on the bowl of names:

So, naturally, every other spot in the room held their rapt attention EXCEPT the bowl in question!!

(Don't you just love the soft spots on bunny necks?  Love the coloring they both have... you gotta love Dot and Cooper aka, collectively, "Dooper")

Thus, we resorted to our special well-honed training techniques only known by true blue "Bunny Whisperers".. bribes..

Dot decides umm... No, I don't think so.

So something odd happens.. if Dot won't cooperate, there is nothing else Cooper wants to do except THE OPPOSITE.. so, Cooper goes for it:

He drew a name and promptly made a beeline for his cage, ready to flee to a corner for the sole purpose of doing something productive, he HAD to eat the paper.. Dot utilized the distraction to grab an entire big bag of dried apple treats and charge into another part of the cage with it. Her plans seem to include a nite of downing the whole bag of treats as soon as possible.

After much chasing both of them, laughing, while I reached in Cooper's mouth and pulled the slip of paper out like a fortune cookie saying out of Coop's gullet.. I finally rescued the slip of paper to reveal..

I had written Story Teller instead of StoryBeader, the entrant.. nonetheless, it's Congratulations StoryBeader!!..

Visit StoryBeader at her blog here or her etsy shop and tell her congrats!

Thanks everyone for entering!!  Stay tuned for August's drawing, time for another bunny piece.. now I am off to give Dot and Cooper one piece of apple each, keeping the bag waaaay out of reach.. we don't want them making another "run for the border".. 

It's never a dull day in the Land of Dooper!!


The Fab Furs said…
It's the Land of Dooper,
where everything is just super!

That's where I want to be:
where bunnies run wild and free
and abscond with the fruit of the apple tree!

And you have to be quick,
after a name is picked!

In the Land of Dooper,
where everything is just super!

And the Whisperers are so well-trained,
they know the bun brain
only responds to the refrain:
"Only pick a name and treats will fall like rain"!

In the Land of Dooper,
where everything is just super!

Congrats to StoryBeader and all who participated!
Lavender Rabbit said…
TFF, you are just too funny, talented and RIGHT.. we are just now realizing the truth.. those Dooper buns are "Human Whisperers"!
Jade said…
Fab Furs always comes up with the best poetry/songs like that.

Cooper's no dumb bunny; he saw the loot Dot got for picking names and figured he'd horn in on that shtick. :)

Congrats to StoryBeader!
storybeader said…
I'm so excited! And I think the bunnies made a fabulous drawing! {:-Deb, the storybeader
Annette F Tait said…
that was so funny!
and a beautiful prize too!
Lisa said…
Oh, Dooper. Sigh.

Way to step up, Cooper! HE doesn't know the process quite yet, but he'll learn. He hasn't had much practice. Congrats to StoryBeader!
MaryL said…
Loved this post with delightful photo additions!! What adorable bunnies..."Their mama didn't raise no fool!" :)))

Congrats to Storybeader!!
bunnythreads said…
paper? paper? do I smell a bowl of paper? just for a bunny to eat? nom nom

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