Dot's Prize aka Gifts in the Mail

Dot has an amazing story. She was waiting in a rescue for 3 years for someone to pick her and bring her home. We fell in love with the bun next door, Cooper, we made a special trip back to the Austin rescue to get our Coop, and they suggested Dot, next door, as his love bun.

Cooper is an absolute doll and such a rub whore, but Dot has been a revelation. They said she was cage aggressive, but didn't warn us she was such a thief.. stole our hearts from Day One, and continues to do it every day. She has too much personality for one bun, thus her nickname "Dot Plus"!

Dot will do the unexpected at any given time, and never fails to bring a smile to my face. She became our bunny to draw names on our Lavender Rabbit Studio jewelry giveaway. Dot LOVES the attention, hopping for her time in the spotlight.

So when someone promised Dot a reward if her name was drawn for June's giveaway, I guess Dot knew.  That person (Ms. Jade Drc!) had to make good on the promise.  So a few days ago a box arrived in the mail from Bunspace. It contained lovely bunny booty:

A little coaching; rattling of bags and a sneak peak (taste) of the presents... Dot came to investigate.

Is this for me?  I think it's all for me!  This pineapple smells really yummy...

Off she goes...claiming her prize: 

Thank you Jade and Mickey! Dot loves her treats!! I would let her tell you herself, but um... she's a little buzy right now :)


The Fab Furs said…
And the prize picker gets a well-deserved (and thoughtful) reward! Great to hear the story of Coop and Dot Plus too!
MaryL said…
What a sweet little story!! She's so the shading round her eyes :)

P.S. Stop over real quick to see the art card and Haiku I just put up on my's called '3 Bunnies'!! :)) I thought of you when I put it up...its so cute!!
Lisa said…
What a lucky girl! She is so special and you are SO lucky to have her!
bunnythreads said…
What a sweetie Jade is to bequeath Miss Dot a gift package shall we say gift to gracious.
Dot is a beauty!
bunnythreads said…
PS How is Coop with his love bun?
Coop is the most adorable darling bun. You have the kindest bunny heart ever, we knew that long ago but The Lord seems to guide you to buns in need of that special warm and loving hand, heart and home. Bless you.
Jade said…
Hee, glad that Dot likes her bribe--I mean gift! I hope she's shared it with the others as well. :)

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