Sunday, February 20, 2011

February's Giveaway... Drum Roll Please

Ok, after much bribing with a treat bag full of cookies, I finally convinced my gorgeous PolkaDot to pick a winner for me...

As you can see she picked a winner... And the winner is... Lisa Fresolone!  Lisa has a wonderful blog called Little Bun in the Big City.  Check her out and tell her congrats.

Congratulations Ms. Lisa!!  Please send me your mailing address and the fabulous Luna LoveBun is all yours :)

Thank you everyone for participating! Please stay tuned for March's giveaway... Can you believe it's almost March???   Have a wonderful week :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lazy Snowy Days

Recently we were stuck at home due to snow and ice on the roads. While we all slept alot most of the time, I did manage to snap a few photos of the buns. Here are some of my favorites:

My Otter boy warming up in the sun from the window. Doesn't look too happy to see my camera does he? Don't worry, he's a complete snuggle bun. And yes, sorry that is Seal's behind in the picture...

My Smudgy boy. I tried to get the super cute picture of his paws out in a perfect bunny sphinx pose, but he moved. He's giving me the look "What do you want? I want treats, but will settle for lots of rubs."

And last but never least, my Graysie girl. We have been letting her run the house when we're home. We are still hoping to bond her to Bella and Ferd, but I haven't done any bonding sessions recently. Doesn't she have the most adorable face?

Sun Bunny

I wanted to add a bonus armadillo picture. My hubby took this while I was at work. He said this guy just wouldn't leave until he actually went out there with the camera. 
I say he - I have no idea - is awesome. He was huge and just look at those claws. Hope he found lots of grubs and good eating before the weather set in.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun Stuff in the Mail!!

I'm a bit late with sharing my goodies, so I hope you all will forgive me. A couple of weeks ago I got the awesome news I won the giveaway from the blog The Zen of Bun.  It's a beautiful white scarf.  When it came in the mail my hubby had it all opened for me and spread out on the table. I couldn't wait to play with it so I had dear hubby take a picture of me in it..
Isn't it awesome? The yarn is really fun weight and there are beautiful shiny beads everywhere. I love, love, love it.

But wait - there was more in the package...

A handwritten note from Jade on one of the wonderful Year of the Rabbit postcards from Qi papers.  Jade did the sweetest note and the funniest drawings :)  And you can see from the picture there was also a little something from Mickey. Isn't he so handsome in his picture?? He sent a bag of his favorites treats to our buns.  They loved them.

Unfortunately it's really, really hard to get a picture of bunnies enjoying their treats while giving them said treats. Cooper was kind enough after two of the cookies to let me snap a quick picture.

Thank you so much Jade and Mr. Mick!!  I've gotten many compliments and my scarf, and the bunnies well.. they want to know when they are getting more cookies in the mail :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February's Giveaway and Year of the Rabbit

February is a wonderful month, it's the month of love which means to me Adopt A Rabbit month. What makes is so special is February also begins Year of the Rabbit. So in honor of this prestigious month, the give-a-way this time is a gorgeous round golden bunny necklace.  Meet Luna LoveBun

Sweet Luna LoveBun, so named because she reminds me of the legend of the rabbit on the moon. The LoveBun part? Well, she just looks like the sweetest little bunny all curled up on my palm don't you think?

Miss Luna is 18" (45.7 cm) long with a lobster clasp, pendant is 2" (5 cm) long.

How to enter:

1. Post a comment on this blog post.

2. Become a fan of the blog.

3. Post a comment on facebook's January give-a-way post.

4. Become a fan of the facebook page. (Please leave let me know if you have done this or do this.)

5. Become a fan of the Etsy shop. (Please send me a convo if you do this one or have done this.)
Winner will be chosen via bunny pick on Sunday, February the 20th. Please be sure to leave me a link / email to get a hold of you if you win.

And always Good Luck everyone!