Fun Stuff in the Mail!!

I'm a bit late with sharing my goodies, so I hope you all will forgive me. A couple of weeks ago I got the awesome news I won the giveaway from the blog The Zen of Bun.  It's a beautiful white scarf.  When it came in the mail my hubby had it all opened for me and spread out on the table. I couldn't wait to play with it so I had dear hubby take a picture of me in it..
Isn't it awesome? The yarn is really fun weight and there are beautiful shiny beads everywhere. I love, love, love it.

But wait - there was more in the package...

A handwritten note from Jade on one of the wonderful Year of the Rabbit postcards from Qi papers.  Jade did the sweetest note and the funniest drawings :)  And you can see from the picture there was also a little something from Mickey. Isn't he so handsome in his picture?? He sent a bag of his favorites treats to our buns.  They loved them.

Unfortunately it's really, really hard to get a picture of bunnies enjoying their treats while giving them said treats. Cooper was kind enough after two of the cookies to let me snap a quick picture.

Thank you so much Jade and Mr. Mick!!  I've gotten many compliments and my scarf, and the bunnies well.. they want to know when they are getting more cookies in the mail :)


Jade said…
So glad you love the scarf, and it looks lovely on you. :)

Mick and I are also happy that the buns love his gift as well. It's hard to tell what a rabbit will like or be able to eat sometimes, but Oxbow veggie treats seem to be pretty universally liked and well-tolerated by bunny tummies.
Lisa said…
What a GREAT givaway! The scarf is lovely, Mickey is a handsome devil, and my buns love Oxbow simple rewards, too!

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