Lazy Snowy Days

Recently we were stuck at home due to snow and ice on the roads. While we all slept alot most of the time, I did manage to snap a few photos of the buns. Here are some of my favorites:

My Otter boy warming up in the sun from the window. Doesn't look too happy to see my camera does he? Don't worry, he's a complete snuggle bun. And yes, sorry that is Seal's behind in the picture...

My Smudgy boy. I tried to get the super cute picture of his paws out in a perfect bunny sphinx pose, but he moved. He's giving me the look "What do you want? I want treats, but will settle for lots of rubs."

And last but never least, my Graysie girl. We have been letting her run the house when we're home. We are still hoping to bond her to Bella and Ferd, but I haven't done any bonding sessions recently. Doesn't she have the most adorable face?

Sun Bunny

I wanted to add a bonus armadillo picture. My hubby took this while I was at work. He said this guy just wouldn't leave until he actually went out there with the camera. 
I say he - I have no idea - is awesome. He was huge and just look at those claws. Hope he found lots of grubs and good eating before the weather set in.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Lisa said…
Graysie has SUCH a face!

An Armadillo!?! Holy cow!!!

Stay warm, ok? We'll try to do the same.
Jade said…
Mickey has a basketful of toys like that. Sometimes he'll give them a sniff or pick one to toss, sometimes he just ignores them completely.

Lucky you to get an armadillo visiting. As far as I know, they don't raid garbage or threaten the safety of bunnehs when they're outside like some of our backyard visitors. We've had bears, raccoons, hawks, possums, deer, turkeys, squirrels, chipmunks, frogs, snakes and wild rabbits. It's a regular nature show back there.
Oh Graysie is adorable!
d. moll, said…
Whoa, look at that 'dillo!!
Happy napping, always lovely to see your bunnies.
Anonymous said…
An armadillo, sweet!

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