Trying not to melt...

We've been having 100+ degree days, 39 days in a row in fact. Just in time to celebrate my birthday yesterday.  Luckily for me and buns we know just what to...

Bella with her head resting on my leg of my work table

Snuggle down
Ferd stretched out in his favorite box

and flop
Graysie taking a short siesta

and just because I love the white on Graysie's belly and feet:
Eeee! So cute :)

Hope everyone is staying cool.  Nose bonks from the bunz.


The Fab Furs said…
So "chillin'" can make one feel cooler--thanks for the scientific evidence and the cute buns' illustration of same!
Jade said…
Happy Birthday yesterday!

Glad to hear you and the bunz are doing your best to stay cool in all that heat. Chilled salads (for the bunz) and ice cream (for you) can also help keep you cool, too. :)
Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true as you travel around the sun this year!! :)

Stay cool it's 100 + here too. Ick.
xx, shell
Lisa said…
Yikes. How does one survive in Texas without air conditioning? I don't think I could, ever!
Lisa said…
PS. I love Graysie's white belly and feetsies too :)
MaryL said…
Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for posting, calm, gentle, relaxing bunny pics! :)
bunnythreads said…
Hoppy so much lovely fur & a cute belly :0) (my bun gets his belly & certian areas trimmed,cooler yes but don't tell him 1st) {{bunny hugs}}

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