August's Winner is....

Today has been a GOOD day. The rain came yesterday and stopped our string of super hot days. I spent the day cleaning and rubbing on bunnies. It's still my birthday week.

So when the time came to let out Dot and Cooper, they were mellow are ready to be loved. Dot when back into the cage to munch some hay, but my Cooper Super Duper stayed out. Such a cutie!
He's diggin' being the name-choosing bunny these daze..

So after some rubs and kisses, I asked Coop if he would draw a name for me. He answered with a resounding yes!!.... and pulled out a Big Wad o' Names!

A bit of trying to narrow down the batch yielded more nom-nom-nom'ing.. he finally chewed on one name enough it was almost digested, lol!

Finally..  the winner of the Miss Amelia HareHeart bunny pendant is:

Mary L!  See how Coop still wants to nosh on her name?!..

Congrats Mary!  See Mary's awesome polymer clay creations and views on life at her blog Try, Try Again....!  Stop by and tell her congratulation!

A special thank you to my super sweet if a bit nippy boy Cooper. I promise he got extra papaya treats for a job well done. He's one sweet love bun!

Thanks everyone for entering! September drawing is in the works. I envision something brown, cute and fun to rub.... stay tuned!!


Jade said…
Are you sure you're not using papaya-flavored paper? ;)

Congrats to Mary! Good work, Cooper! Can't wait to see September's giveaway!
MaryL said…
Yipee!!! Thank you Cooper! You beautiful little bunny!! I am so thrilled to win this gorgeous prize!!
The Fab Furs said…
Cooper is such a cutie! And rain! Hope the rest of your birthday week goes well!
Lisa said…
Glad you got a reprieve from the heat!

Congrats Mary! Well Done Cooper!
Annette F Tait said…
congrats to Mary! and a belated HB Donna!
- hope you had lots of delicious cake :)
Congratulations to Mary! Such a gorgeous prize!
Smoochies to Cooper.
xx, shell
MaryL said…
I just got my absolutely adorable bunny pendant!!! It is so CUTE!!! I wrote a little blog post about it...Thank you, thank you!!! :)))
bunnythreads said…
Cooper is so adorable...I loved that fabulous prize,but know it went to it's best :0) I can throw myself on the floor sobbing later... really kidding~ my Chip would have to approve a newcomer.
~~BTW he got his belly `trimmed' so he is fuzzy wuzzy but beats the heat. ((hugs))
Anonymous said…
What cuties! Love, Nico & Piper from

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