March's Giveaway or Eeek! "Monster" from the Deep

Wow, I can't believe it's March already. Plus I missed my due date on the giveaway, but I guess close to the first will work as well.  I had a tough time picking this month, but settled on one of absolute favorite pieces to work with.  Without further delay, fresh from the Octopus's Garden, meet our Pearl..

Up out of the azure depths, comes Pearl.. her rich patina and the ocean's bounty adorning her tell of the treasure chests she left behind to join the world above.. atop your neck, she is both lovely and mysterious.. and CUTE!.. JOIN OUR MARCH GIVEWAY to win this octopi of your eye!..  

Pearl is 18" long with a lobster clasp. She is handpainted and mixed with pearls, wood, lucite flowers and nickel free brass circles, chain and findings.  The lovely octopus herself is 2 1/2" wide and 2" long.

So, how to enter:

1. Post a comment on this blog post.

2. Become a fan of the blog.

3. Post a comment on facebook's March give-a-way post.

4. Become a fan of the facebook page. (Please leave let me know if you have done this or do this.)

5. Become a fan of the Etsy shop. (Please send me a convo if you do this one or have done this.)

Winner will be chosen via bunny pick on Sunday, March the 20th. Please be sure to leave me a link  and/or email to get a hold of you if you win.

And always Good Luck everyone! 


Jade said…
Want-want-want! We are headed to Florida on vacation next week, so winning Miss Pearl would make a lovely sort-of memento of said trip. :)

(Yes, I am an altogether greedy wench. ;) )
Lisa said…
Well I will sit this one out since I hogged up the last one ;)
Ohhhh what a great necklace.

Okay so I am leaving a comment on this post:D

I am already a fan on facebook:D

I am already a blog follower:D

and I really really hope I win it:D

Hugs to the bunnies. XO.
Crystal said…
This necklace would be so perfect for wearing while having piratical adventures. ;D I'd SO wear it at craft shows...
Crystal said…
So it!! I like the Pearls too :)
I will visit again,Thanks!!

cyclona66 at aol dot com
Monique said…
What a beautiful necklace! I think that it is so unique. I am also going to heart you on Etsy.

Best of luck.
Michelle said…
Hi, Pearl is beautiful!!

I am leaving a comment here

I posted a comment on the facebook post

I Liked on facebook and shared the post to my page

I fanned on etsy

I am crossing my fingers to win :)
aquariann said…
Awesome necklace! I wants.

I liked and commented on your facebook page, but couldn't find a follow widget on your actual blog - help?

I hearted your shop. Please convo if I'm lucky enough to win!
Belissimo! Multo-grande! Wow! Woo Hoo! There is nothing like undersea water creatures for those who were born on the sea (island), spent nearly 18 years in the sea service (but get seasick on the dock) and now, suffering pangs of salt-water withdrawl . . . I applaud your multi-talented and multi-armed work of stunning art!
Kate (thefreckledfish)
Oh, wow, this is amazing! I love, love the texture and color!

I'm a fan on Facebook and commented on the post!

I favorited you on etsy and sent you a convo :)
Emily said…
I would like this necklace. I'd wear it to the beach!
-I am a fan of your blog!
-I am a fan on facebook!
(I don't have twitter and Etsy either. Sorry!)
I love this giveaway!
BunnyKissd said…
That is an awesome necklace! And how have I not found your blog before? LOL! Off to do the rest!

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