Do Dot Dippity and a Winner

Our beautiful Dot is once again feeling feisty and fun. She is still on the medication, and took it willingly tonight. She is eating and running around, acting normal and adorable. I don't think she ate as much hay as she normally does, for some reason I think she believes she deserves many more treats instead, but all is looking much better in our bunny world. Thank you everyone for the good wishes!

Now on to fun stuff, the drawing for Miss Pearl. I thought maybe this time I could get a video of the drawing, but the bunnies had other ideas. Like getting into the big tub of dried apples I was using for bait... but Dot did what Dot does - she picked a name.  I'll let the video show what happened next, but fair warning - if you have the sound on my laugh is loud.

So after I rescued the piece of paper from Dot mouth.. the winner is:
Michelle of Michelle Ballards Treasures!
Congratulations Michelle!  Please send me a note on where you would like the gorgeous Pearl be sent.

You all can check out Michelle's beautiful jewelry and bits on her facebook page and tell her congratulations.

Thank you everyone for entering!   Stay tuned for April's giveaway. I promise it's a bunny, but I don't promise it's only one...


Jade said…
You have a great laugh! I can just imagine how that went. :)

Congrats to Michelle for getting Miss Pearl--can't wait for the next giveaway.
The Fab Furs said…
Yay, Dot! Picking names is very stressful, no fair teasing them with a tub of dried apples!
Lavender Rabbit said…
I'm a good Mom Fab Furs, Dot and Copper did get to stick their snouts into the tub of dried apples.. there would have been a revolution if I hadn't :) I should post a picture of their habitat sometime and show why they are the perfect bunnies to pick names - it looks like a paper shredder in there. Silly bunnies!
Lisa said…
Glad to hear it sounds like Dot is doing somewhat better.
Congratulations Michelle!
Michelle said…
Your Bunnies are so very sweet and fun (and wonderful name pickers) I am very excited to win pearl and can't wait to share my beach adventures with her :)

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