January's Giveaway Winner

I just want to say thank you all for entering! It's such a blast to make these beautiful pieces and have so many people love to wear them.

And with no further delay congratulations to Jade! 
Woo Hoo!

Ms. Jade, if you will kindly send me your info I get these pieces into the mail just for you.

Stay tuned for February's giveaway, I am definitely feeling a bunnyish :)


d. moll, l.ac. said…
Lavender Rabbit I just want to say I love your stuff and would have entered, but having moved this last month and emptied out a storage locker, well it's hard to think of taking in even beautiful things!! I'm sure I'll pull out of this sooner or later. hugs.
Jade said…
Yay me! Can't wait until these lovelies are at my door. Thanks lots! :)
How did I miss this...poop!

Well congrats to Jade, it's a lovely piece.

Hope our January is off to a great start.

XO Mandy
Michelle May said…
Beautiful! Beautiful! Jade will look stunning in these!
xx, shell
Lisa said…
Congratulations Ms Jade from a former winner of Lavender Rabbit! You will get so many compliments on this I know because I get compliments all the time on mine that I won! Enjoy it!

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