More Christmas Pictures and an Adventure

Only two more to go and I hope to get those tomorrow. Ermine and my Coco. I will be home from work and hopefully can get a good shot of Ermine's gorgeous red eyes in the daylight. He is such a grunty puss, but with any luck he will let me snap a few shots.

We collected socks and such at work to deliver to homeless shelters. We do this every year, but this year my director collected  a record - almost 1900 pairs of socks in all sizes and a few other necessities. We split these items into three groupings and took them to three different shelters today. The shelter I was assigned to is called The Bridge. I have been to a shelter before, and it is an experience, but to do so just before Christmas made my heart break. It hurts to lose those you love, but I knew my Bunko and my Dad were always taken care of. They didn't have to worry about eating, shelter or warmth under my care. I know these people worry about these basics everyday. It was simply startling to behold. The amazing piece to me was how polite most of these people were and so eager to help. I was glad I was there to give a donation, I wish it was more. Next time I am asked to send boxes and letters out I will have my own personal story to share. I am touched and blessed.


The Fab Furs said…
Wonderful spirit of the season story! Bun pictures progressing nicely-look forward to tomorrow's.

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