Christmas Pictures part 2

More pictures to enjoy.  Doing them in bits because frankly, I haven't taken them all yet :)

Having to beg, plead, feed and rub my way into getting pictures. It's funny really, the bunnies that have already posed for me are super friendly but it's like they told the other bunnies to stay away... maybe it's just my imagination? Then again, maybe not..


The Fab Furs said…
The ones who have already had their pictures taken told the other ones to hold out for the maximum number of treats. Your buns are certainly photogenic and should not fear the camera on that score.
Lavender Rabbit said…
Fab, you are so right! I didn't think of that.. maximum number of treats - yep, I did put the strawberry bowl down for Cooper just to get his picture. Too funny!
Natascha said…
I love the name Gracie- adorable. Do they get along? any bunny fights? Is Lavendar a flemish giant? Looks so much like mine... I love rabbits. :)
Lavender Rabbit said…
Natascha thanks. Yes there are still fights, especially with Cooper and Dot since they have only been with us a few months. Graysie is a cutie, and the name fits her but she answers to Stinkerbellie more. It fits as well :) Alas though, no flemmies here.. yet anyway.
Anonymous said…
Bella is so cute- I love her ears!

Hope you have a great 2011 D-
oops You and your BUNNIES!
So many beautiful little souls...your house must have such wonderful bunny busy-ness and energy:D How many do you have now?

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