Quick Trip to Galveston

We took a couple of days to go to the beaches of Galveston, TX.  The bunnies would be left safely at home to snooze. So off hubby and I went early one morning, he drove and I slept. What great travel company I am! haha! We arrived mid afternoon, just enough time to catch lunch/dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Gaido's and to take a ferry trip. I love the ferry, watching the water, watching the birds and occassionally dolphins, the other sight seers and boats. Plus it's free and the wind and water are cooling. Trust me, it was HOT...

Here are some of the seagalls chasing the ferry. Sometimes passengers feed them at the back end. Always hopeful, the birds follow.
A couple of extra riders on the ferry. They rode like that the entire way. So cute!
At the end of the ferry ride, there are birds lined up on the pier. I think they watch to see if the boats pull up anything interesting in the water. Or it could be the air flow.
The next day we made it to the beach. There were cute little terns walking the shore line. They didn't let me get close, and my camera wasn't my good one, but I had to capture the memory.

There was a storm coming so we went home after the beach. Galveston is still showing signs of devastation from the hurricane Ike. It was still upsetting to see, but the new construction was heartening. Galveston is gorgeous, the Gulf of Mexico big and roaring, and our trip was just what we needed.

Oops, a couple of more photos from the beach... Giant dragonflies zoom all about the beach, they were glorious to watch as they danced in the sky.
And the morning glory growing wildly across the sands of the beach. All I could think of was the hummingbirds at home would love it...


The Fab Furs said…
Nice pictures! Glad you had a good time.
Christina said…
I have always like Galveston and riding the ferry is the best part. We saw dolphins in the bay the last time I was there. I wondered how they were looking after the hurricane.

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