Can't Beat the Heat

The bunnies are I are still staying low and inside. We reached 107 F on Monday.  My fur babies don't come out until dark, preferring to stay in the darkest coolest corner they can find. I spend my nights cleaning, changing out cool water and brushing - lots of brushing. The bunnies are shedding like, well, the fur monsters they are. I apologize for the lack of new bunny pictures. I expect the bunz to feel more photogenic say around November - haha! 

So for today I have some pictures of critters outside withstanding the heat:

A gorgeous tiger swallowtail on our lantana. The lantana is about the only plant still alive in the garden and it feeds not only the butterflies and moths, but I've also seen our visiting hummingbirds on it. It's a really gorgeous plant, about 4 years old now and seems to withstand anything.
An anole lizard on our crape myrtle tree. He seemed to being "Go away lady, you're not my type"... I love the little lizards.

This critter was bold enough to come out in the daylight.  We often see raccoons at night munching on the bird seed, but hardly ever in the day. A couple of nights later though, we saw two this size and four *tiny* babies. They were so cute! and appropiately out around 11 pm.  I also got another surprise (but no pictures) of an armadillo wondering through the backyard. He was so cool. I have seen them before, dead along roadside or in zoos and such, but never alive in the wild. I was totally fascinated.

One last picture for you today.One of my favorite bunny pictures - Ferd when he was much smaller would climb underneath an oversize chair we had and hide for hours. He wouldn't even come out for treats, he would just stick his nose out for feeding:

Feed The Snout

Have a Great Week!


d. moll, said…
Oh, you are hot, hot, hot! What a gorgeous butterfly pic. Stay cool. Do your bunnies like chill packs or frozen water bottles? I know someone who would put a floor tile in the fridge to chill and then her bun would lay on it......(we are cool and foggy here all summer except for the past two days)
The Fab Furs said…
I bet you get humidity with that heat too. Nights are best for most furry creatures when it's that hot, the raccoon must have had a real need to be out and about during the day. Does Ferd try to recreate his youth as Snout Bun?
Lavender Rabbit said…
Haha Fab Furs! Ferd is twice the size he used to be. It got to a point he could squeeze under the chair, but not get out. Very funny boy. He spends his days now in Bella's cage with her or on the tile in front of the fireplace.

Ms D, I love the floor tile in the frig idea. I wonder if I can fit some in the frig with the mountain of greens we keep. I have had no luck with water bottles, bunnies seem to think they are evil? I do put ice in the water bowls everyday.
Hef's Mom said…
Wow, I saw one of those butterflies on my trip to north carolina, good to know what it is. Hef's in a bit of hiding/shedding mode himself.

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