Stages of Becoming a Pirate

He is finally home!.. our Bunko, our one-eyed Pirate Bunny, is back in his window. We know now that when he wants to watch the wildlife outside, he sits facing north, with his left eye to the world. When he doesn't care, or it's dark, it's right side out. We never knew that before, until the vet told us he was blind in that right eye.

That blind eye is safe now. No more scratches or injuries to it, like the one that necessitated it being taken out. The stitched eyelid is healing nicely. Our Bunko is hopping around, begging for treats and eating (and most importantly, pooping!) normally.

It seems that the hardest part for him, besides the surgery, was being away from his BFF's, Bella and Ferd. As soon as they were allowed together, there was side by side, over and under.. totally hot-crossed-buns- laying- together behavior. They were to be separated for some time but we believe we are going to leave them together. The Bellanator and Ferdie are leaving his sewn eye alone, and they are just too cute together.

Bunky is none the worse for wear. He looks wonderful and fully recovered as soon as the fur entirely grows over his eternally winked eyelid. Going through that experience with him, we gained some sense of what it would be like without him. We realized that life without Bunko would be so different. He is really one of those life-changing buns. He's ready for us to stop medicating and bothering him, but it's probably more us constantly loving on him. He's just so precious, and we can't rest for letting him know it.

"The bun who came in from the cold", a complete volunteer that just showed up in the yard one day, is now such a part of the lives of the rabbits and humans in this house, he can't sleep as all demonstrate how much they love him. Only one eye, maybe.. but he has the biggest heart in the world.. his that makes him our Love Bunny, and large chunks of all of those around him! We love you, Bunko!

Bunko with his injured eye, he kept it mostly closed protecting it.
After the surgery, all shaved and sewed shut. The beginning of the healing.


The Fab Furs said…
I'm Bunko the Pirate Bun
I'm strong to the "larstley"
'Cause I eats me parsley
I'm Bunko the Pirate Bun

Me and me mates don't like to waits
So fork over them treats
So we can all eats

We're Bunko and Bella and Ferd
A new pirate herd

Hop to it, or we'll make you walk the plank, blankety-blank

(Best wishes to all for a swift recovery)
d. moll, said…
So glad he is home and on the mend! And what a gorgeous pirate he is, truly giving Johnny Depp a run for his money.....
Lavender Rabbit said…
Aargh me mateys! Many thanks to ye for the good wishes. That poem is sheer piratey.
Jade said…
Eye or no eye, he's just as handsome a fellow; reminds me of my beloved Karnage, who crossed the bridge two years ago--almost the exact same coloring.

Glad to hear the surgery went well and we'll be thinking good thoughts for a smooth and easy recovery. :)
Christina said…
Bunko you look great and I am very happy to see you looking so good.
SixBunnies said…
Bunko, great job! You came through it all wonderfully! Give your mommy extra loves because I'm sure she was worried about you!
Oh poor Bunko...I am so glad he's back home eating and that the eye is healing..what a sweetie. I'll be thinking of you all and wishing Bunko a speedy recovery.

p.s. Donna thanks so much for the feedback on the promo. XO Mandy.

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