The Making of Bunko the Pirate

Sometimes when you start things you know where you want it to go, but then life changes. When I started this blog I thought it would be about mostly jewelry, with some bunny bits and garden shots thrown in. While I love making jewelry - all the colors and playing with beads soothe my creative soul, the garden is currently being burnt by the sun, so the bunnies win hands down. Bunnies are fascinating creatures - full of love and joy mixed with mischief and mayhem.  It's the mischief / mayhem piece that must have gotten our Bunko in a bit of fix.

We don't know how the story truly begins. What I know is when I felt Bunko's little face in the dark it was wet, really wet. Turning on the light I didn't see anything. He was eating, so if it was teeth it wasn't bothering him that bad. Decided to check him again in the morning and take him into the vet. The morning brought such sadness, Bunko's eye was completely white and icky. My poor baby! Waiting very impatiently for the vet's office to open, Bunko and I got the very first appointment and the bad news:  the eye was blind, part of it dead and would need to be removed. All weekend long, my brave handsome Bunko had all sorts of medicines shoved in his mouth and ointment in his eye. Bunko is a real trooper and he loves his mommy, he took all in stride. That metacam is tasty stuff, nice and sweet. Benebac - sure he'll take that. Bayril..uh... ICK! Only once did he look directly at me and pee in protest. Plus Bella and Ferdy stayed by my boy's side, giving him love and support.

The morning of the surgery, I had the dirty deed of putting Bunko in the carrier and taking him to the vet. Even Bella came running up to the carrier to jerk the door open to let Bunko escape. I almost stopped then and there, but knew it had to be done. That was a day of pure torture, waiting for the vet to call and say the surgery is over. The call came, and Bunko the Brave started his journey of becoming Bunko the Pirate Duke of Beggardom.  This will take a week of recovery, away from his furry family because of the (silly) vet's say-so. We shall see is that last bit is even possible. I am really, if Bella will try to destroy a carrier, face a vacuum in full on mode, what is a little gate to stand in her way? The story will continue until the tranformation is complete. My darling sweet Bunko will become the Pirate Bunny Bunks. A dashing bunny boy to steal your heart with a (permenant) wink.


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