Monday, Monday

There are some days you just can't help but want to stay home and play with the bunnies. All my furbabies have different personalities, and all react to me in their own way. One of my newest is a big californian bunny boy named Smudge. Smudge was adopted from the NTRS last November when I took Charisma up there to find a new friend. There were several potential boys, but my Smudgey Boy did little happy hops to get my attention. Charisma didn't seem to mind him, so home he came.

Smudge was quiet at first, a bit shy, but did the cutest happy 'bees in the head' shakes and always, always did a binky (happy hop) when out of his cage. It took me about a week before I could really rub on him, and after two weeks he was following me around every chance he got. My Smudge love has the most incredible purple/red eyes that just seem to say he understands. I can spend hours just rubbing on him and being comforted by his sweet spirit. He is my big gorgeous boy, and my happy Monday thoughts while I'm stuck at work today.


Oh Smudge is just a handsome bunny boy...I am so glad he's found a good home and new friends:D
Smudge is gorgeous! Hey, I just noticed you hearted my Etsy shop, so checked yours out. LOVE all of your bunny creations! So nice to meet your bunnies on your blog, too. When we have a bad day, the saying around here is, "give me a bunny". Bunnies make it all better. :)
I'm having a raffle on my blog right now -- all proceeds to benefit Heartland Rabbit Rescue. :)

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