The Best of Surprises

I owe several thank you's to wonderful folks on Etsy. The first I have to tell you about is the sweetest bunny owner Tsubaki of She ordered a bracelet from us after seeing Bella's cute crowning glory. Her bunny Panda can be seen on her etsy shop looking very handsome in his new crown. But the story doesn't end there, not only did she feature our bracelet and shop on her blog: she also set us a Goody Bag! It is so amazing, filled to the brim with surprises. My pictures don't do it justice, but be sure to check out Tsubunny's shop. Bunky highly recommends the bunny biscuits...

Graysie is the perfect bunny model. Check out how beautiful the gorgeous burgandy ribbon looks on her lovely gray fur.
Bunky on the other hand, couldn't wait to jump down and dig into the new bunny treats!

Graysie striking the pose, or is that just the evil eye for me making her behave?

Thank you for all the goodies Tsubaki and Panda!


lucky buns...bunkie sure is unique in looks but both are just as sweet:D Hope they enjoyed all their new treats.

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