Somebunny Is Very Missed and Loved!

January of this year, right after his 11th birthday, our first bunny ever, Ermine, passed over the Rainbow Bridge. As the weeks and months went by, we just found ourselves missing him so much. We had talked about something to commemorate him when we found Terry of Somebunny Loves Me in the stores in Facebook. We loved the polymer clay pin she had, but wanted pendant, and we wanted our Ermine's name on it. It also had an upeared bunny on it. We asked if she could put a dwarf breed, Netherland Dwarf, on it with Ermine's name.

Terry turned out a completely new mold, made the pin, wings and all.. looking just like Ermine, with a gold metal back. We cried when we saw a picture of the pendant. Here are some pictures, including my lovely Donna sporting the tribute jewelry after we put a couple bails, some chain and dangles for effect.


Isn't it precious?!.. We got a great deal on the pendant, $20, and she gave $5 of that, as a donation to Rabbit Haven in California for us for the purchase.. it is nowhere near our Ermine back, but it helps to remember our little grunty sweetheart.. we heartily recommend Somebunny Loves Me.. and these somebodies will always love Ermine and miss him every day!

Ed & Donna


A pendant as beautiful as the lady wearing it and the memories that inspired it. What a wonderful tribute, and I'm sure Ermine gruntily approves. :)
speedyrabbit said…
Oh that is beautiful,such a lovely tribute,he looks like a mini Speedy too,so adorable,Happy Easter!,xx Speedy and Rachel
What a beautiful pendant and a lovely way to remember Ermine

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