January's Winners Are..

Here we go, it's that time again... put all the giveaway entries on slips of paper, roll them in dried bananas, and go to the buns for the right choices.. away we go!

Hmmm, do you think Mezzaluna might be interested in picking a winner? Let's see.. whatcha think, Mezzie!!

Interesting Mom, goes our Mezz.. but what's the point? There's lots of pieces of paper already in my cage... nooo, she's too smart to get pressed into volunteer work without a good payoff..

Ok, ok, point taken. Dot? Cooper? Can you help?

Dot to the rescue!,, these two are "can do!" bunnies.. our "go to" name drawers!..

And the winner of Tisket and Tasket, cute bunnies in a basket is... Michelle May of The Raspberry Rabbits!!

Congratulations Shell!!

Let's give some other bunnies a chance to choose.
Ok black bunnies, Ferd, Otter and Seal.. how about you?

No way!! Right said Ferd.. not gonna happen!

Seal? Otter?.. the double wack snack attack duo go right to work!!..

Seal says mmmm... I like this one...

Congratulations to Serena Laura Toma!!..

The lucky winner of the Green Glitz Crystal Fest! 

Thank you everyone!! Stay tuned for February's giveaway coming soon!


speedyrabbit said…
yay congrats to the winners,I love it when friends win!
Michelle May said…
Really? Oh wow! Yippeeee!
BS said…
As always love your bunny photos!
Willow said…
Happened to be hopping by and found your blog ...lovely bunnies! Our Ms Midnight is a French Lop she insisted I show her all the pictures! And reminded me I need to now do a post about HER ...as this site has now gone to her head lol
Lisa said…
Did you get a new loppy little munchkin?? Congrats! Where have I ben?!

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