Drum Roll please.. The Winners Are

Braced for our usual epic WWE/Mixed Martial Bunny Smackdown event in drawing giveaway winners.. we prayed for just a quick little uneventful drawing this evening.  First we had to hunt down our resident bunny pickers, find 'em where they were and ask them to help.
We need a winner for the dragon bracelet.  Cooper, can you help?
Cooper was a bit eager
So eager I could barely get the names from him. He loved the name that he picked so much he rammed my hand to grab it again.. down Cooper, down boy!
Ok buddy, let me see who is it
And the winner is Kristin of Aquariann!! See Kristin's awesome blog here and tell her congrats :)
Kristin please send me your address and I'll get this gorgeous bracelet in the mail to you...
Now it's time for a little bling.. actually, a LOT of BLING!.. it's G-Bopp..  Dottie sweetie, are you ready? Dot is ready and willing
Who did you choose, Dot.. my Dottie Dot.. our Dot-ness Monster?!
Way to go,  Rachel!  Hop over to say congrats and give her handsome bun Speedy a nose bonk here
Rachel please send me your address and GBopp will be bopping all the way to you!
Thank you all for entering my contests!! We love the attention and the eagerness you all give to your entries.. truly you are the wind beneath our wings.. Now if anyone is good with a rodeo rope, we need to wrangle down some hyper bunny name drawers..
The next drawing will be in January.  I have a 'handle' on the bunny piece.  I bet there will be another double, though... stay tuned :)


Jade said…
Congrats to Kristin and Rachel, and good work, Cooper and Dot! Good to see them so enthusiastic about their work (they just need to remember to pick MY name next time ;) )
speedyrabbit said…
Oh thank you so much will send in my address*doing bunny hoppy dance*xx Rachel
Christina said…
Congrats to the winners. What wonderful prizes they are.

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