July's Winners aka the Double Dooper Duo is Back

It's mid July, time for the return of the monthly giveaway.. we have a darling duo of pieces to bestow.. what is more appropriate than the ultimate Darling Duo, the Double Duper two~ Dot and Cooper to pick!.. they BEGGED to do it.. well, some dried strawberry didn't hurt.. and immediately went to drawing a/k/a eating everything nearby!... ya just gotta love their enthusiasm..

Ain't they sweet?!..

After a LOT of nibbling and digging in the treats and name slips..

Dot scores!... then Cooper pulls another name out of the hat.. Bunny mischief managed!..

As always, thanks to the sweetest namepickers on the planet.. our beloved Dot and Cooper..
Congratulations to Rebecca Fleeman McCarthy the winner of Sweet Mother and Child
Mary L the winner of little Quick Silver
Thank you everyone for entering! Stay tuned for August's giveaway coming up soon. I hear a loud roar in the distance... don't worry, it will be soon, no "dragon" our feet on this giveaway.. hint, hint!!..


MaryL said…
Yay!! Thank you sweet little bunnies for picking me!! :)))
Jade said…
Yay for super-duper Dot and Cooper, and congrats to the winners!
speedyrabbit said…
congrats to the winners yippee for Super Dot and Cooper
Weekend Cowgirl said…
That is so very cute letting them "pick"!!!

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